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  1. dimi_anathema

    Messi role

    Thanks, I will try that too.
  2. dimi_anathema

    Messi role

    Does he score and assist much in the RW AP(a) ?
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to ask for your constructive feedback on how to replicate the real-life Messi role and how to get the most out of him (possibly two separate things). So far I have tried several roles on him, mostly on a 4-4-2 similar to what I think Valverde plays. -As a False 9, paired with a CF(att). In this case, he gets a lot of assists but doesn't score much. Also, he doesn't dribble as much as I would like, although I have "dribble more" enabled, but either passes or shoots from far away (with shoot less often he doesn't shoot at all) -As a Trequartista in attack, paired with a CF(sup). In this case he scores like crazy, but he doesn't return to the middle so much as he does IRL. -As a Trequartista in AMC paired with a CF(sup) upfront. Now sometimes he gets lost in the game. I know it could also mean it is a matter of general team tactics, so I would also like to hear your experiences. PS: I know Barcelona is not a really difficult challenge. I just want the fun of replicating Messi, so please don't bomb me with such messages. Thanks.