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  1. dimi_anathema

    Messi role

    Thanks, I will try that too.
  2. dimi_anathema

    Messi role

    Does he score and assist much in the RW AP(a) ?
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to ask for your constructive feedback on how to replicate the real-life Messi role and how to get the most out of him (possibly two separate things). So far I have tried several roles on him, mostly on a 4-4-2 similar to what I think Valverde plays. -As a False 9, paired with a CF(att). In this case, he gets a lot of assists but doesn't score much. Also, he doesn't dribble as much as I would like, although I have "dribble more" enabled, but either passes or shoots from far away (with shoot less often he doesn't shoot at all) -As a Trequartista in attack, paired with a CF(sup). In this case he scores like crazy, but he doesn't return to the middle so much as he does IRL. -As a Trequartista in AMC paired with a CF(sup) upfront. Now sometimes he gets lost in the game. I know it could also mean it is a matter of general team tactics, so I would also like to hear your experiences. PS: I know Barcelona is not a really difficult challenge. I just want the fun of replicating Messi, so please don't bomb me with such messages. Thanks.
  4. Has anyone tried the tactic with a different role for the striker ?
  5. dimi_anathema

    4-5-1 The Wire

    Thanks for the clarification! As soon as I have a clear view after testing, I will let you know !
  6. dimi_anathema

    4-5-1 The Wire

    Would a striker like Llorrente fit in this formation ???
  7. Hello, looking forward to trying your new tactics !!! You've never disappointed me I'm thinkin of trying them with Liverpool... which of them would you suggest ? Especially to get the best out of Carroll and Suarez !!!
  8. Can you also state what players you use in each position ? e.g. inverted wingers or you could just upload a screenshot of your starting 11 at Porto, and we can figure out !
  9. Hey there, another great effort by you, as always Regarding the "big club tweaks", do you think that it would work for Joe Cole, who is my Riot AMC ???
  10. Hey there, I'm about to start a new game, with LIVERPOOL. What starting 11 would you recommend ??? I will be using the summer transfers patch... My main concerns are the following: -Gerrard as the Mca or the Mcs ??? -the same with Raul Meireles... Mcs or Mcd ??? -Joe Cole as a winger or Mca ??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  11. dimi_anathema

    TG's Assymetric 4-1-1-2-2 Tactic

    Hey, i was interested enough in your thread to start a new game with Athletic. So, i have some questions: -Do you make any ingame tweaks? and more specific: when you are left behind, how do you turn the tactic into more attacking ?
  12. Finally a decent 4-4-2 in a world made for 4-3-3s !!! i tried the formation without putting the right fwd on the target man list, and it still worked like a charm, producing great football What preffered moves would you recommend for the Target man ? Playing with back to goal ??
  13. dimi_anathema

    Basque 4-4-2

    niceeee....i'm gonna try this ! do you change anything in away matches, or when losing ?
  14. dimi_anathema

    3-4-3 - The Snake

    Which team did you try it with ? Any success ?? What players did you have ? tell us a bit more
  15. BEST TACTIC I'VE USED SINCE CM 01-02!!! Man, i have to congratulate you! THE BEST FOOTBALL I'VE SEEN SINCE THEN! And results??? God, i just beat Milan 3-0 with my Livorno side!!! I had 34 shots!!! :thup::thup: