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  1. FMC Wishlist Thread #1

    I'd like to be able to select my squad numbers in FMC!
  2. what i want to do is edit the database so that i can guarantee which teams get promoted and relegated in the first season, i've sussed that i can give the teams that i want to get relegated by giving them points deductions, but i can't figure out how to guarantee promotion… any help would be great!
  3. English Players

    is their a way that i can change the rules for the premier league which says that all the players in the squad my be from the UK? Thanks
  4. Great Britian Team Manager.

    I won the championship with leicester and then got the job!
  5. I don't think so, but i didn't haha
  6. I still can't believe this wasn't given! but i'm so glad it's in the game! it adds drama to the game which in my opinion it's been missing!! [video=youtube;KbyjWm0tVWo]
  7. as the title says, http://s934.photobucket.com/albums/ad184/lcfc_4_ever/?action=view&current=ScreenShot2011-10-22at143925.png
  8. In-Store Prices

    26.99 from currys!!!
  9. FM12: No Transfer Window

    just don't sign anyone!
  10. no 3d on fm 12 demo

    For Macs you just have to clear the cache every time you want to start
  11. True FM on iPad? How far?

    i can't find this on the app store??? did you put the right name?
  12. Clubs with money FM11.3

    Leicester have a fair bit...
  13. Hey Does anyone know who to cancel all loans in the came from with the editor?