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  1. By the way, on the Hazzard sale - how's it going replacing him? Managed to get anyone or do you have to pay stupid money too? No chance of snatching up Messi for 100million?
  2. Dude, if football is as good as sex for you, you're doing sex wrong ;-)
  3. £22.90 http://www.gamesdeal.com/football-manager-2016-pc.html I don't see mention of the beta. It's out on Friday, though, so no big wait if it doesn't come through.
  4. If his rep has dropped but the club's remains high, it's entirely possible, especially if he's getting on a bit.
  5. I always assumed it was the other club, not mine. How many people at my club would know about the transfer? Me, the DoF, the chairman, maybe a couple of money-men (or women) on the board. The function is there to warn you that it's public and other clubs might get involved. For example, if you bid someone's release fee clause and another team is interested, it's possible they will put in a bid too, so make your wage offer to the player slightly higher than he asks for if you want to be sure of buying him.
  6. 2.2m is a steal, so 20m is verging on criminal. Sell him and pick up someone, er, good.
  7. Tried Man City on FMC so I wouldn't have to worry about finances. Now as Leeds on full game, but struggling. Gonna take some getting used to, but enjoying it so far.
  8. Go route one Play direct balls And they seem to work fine for me. Not that I've tried all of them, but "play narrower" works well, as does "go route one".
  9. Enjoying it so far. Particularly love the negotiations. Main gripe, other than the acknowledged bugs etc, is that when in-match, the suggestions don't stay up long enough to "apply" them. Apologies if I missed that one already.
  10. Not done it in FM13, although - annoyingly - Antonio Conte took over the Leeds side I built up over 7 seasons (after I left for Real Madrid) and he's now 2 games from the title with 6 games left to avoid defeat and he's done it. 2 draws all season. His own signings all want to leave because they are not getting any game time.
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