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  1. Honestly this is pretty much the same tactic from the fm-base forums called Beautifull Play with a little tweaking, not impressed at all.
  2. Can anyone give some examples for cheapish players to buy for weirdo ? filters are helping somewhat but not necessarily.
  3. May i suggest something, not sure if it is appropiate or not. But you could try checking a similar formation tactic from the footballmanagerstory site called Screwby's 4-3-3. His defence is leaking as well but not as much as yours (no offence). It is far more solid for my Spurs save, i was almost fired by Mr. Levy, they told me to get 10 points out of my next 5 games ( i was 12th in the league) or its the gutter. I switched to this tactic and went on to win 14 straight games breaking the record. Currently in 4th place Also no signings so far. Might be worth checking his defensive instructions but i could understand if you want this to be all "you"
  4. Yes. after i won vs ManUtd, i lost 2-0 vs West Ham away with the same team that beat ManUtd 4-0. Their two goals actually came from build-up play which just shred my defensive like nothing :/
  5. Very pleased to say that my team bounced back and we won vs ManUtd at White Heart Lane 4-0
  6. I just lost at Stamford Bridge 5-1. Dawson had 4.9 rating, and Vertonghen had 5.3.. 3 goals were scored by Willian from a through ball from either Oscar or Lampard :/ This is nothing any tactic could have done, my defense was terrible.
  7. I remmember a WBA save on fm12 or fm13, where i managed a top4 finish with WBA, Shane was a beast
  8. Has anyone tried setting OI's or atleast letting the AssMan do them? Any improvement, even slightly?
  9. Agreed, Lamela is on fire for me. Sadly Soldado has 13h or something without scoring.. :/
  10. BTW, im currently testing your updated tactic with Spurs with some success, tho i want to finish atleast 20 games.
  11. Having IF's leaves alot of space behind them and regardless how good your FB's are we will see that odd chance that they're day dreaming while some of the Lennon's of Spurs just jinks past them and passes it in the net
  12. Question, might sound silly, would you consider dropping the wingers to MR/ML position to help the Middlefield abit more and track down players?
  13. I will try those tweaks as well with a new save, im thinking of trying it out with Everton.
  14. Mr Rosler, im hardly a tactics expert and my suggestions arent really worth mentioning I am just pointing out what i have noticed during my game with Swansea, if you should take anything into consideration that's great, glad i could point something out. If these are known issues i apologise of wasting your time ^^
  15. Ive seen something happen four times so far in my game with Swansea. The GK distributes the ball to the central defender who 9 out of 10 times due to the opposition striker being very close, totally misplaces the pass which leads into a very big goalscoring threat. Teams like Fulham or WBA did not take advantage of this but Tottenham and Man City totally did. I have also noticed that ,when a through ball is played behind my fullbacks the CD's try to close down (thats pretty good tho) what actually happens is, BOTH DC's close down simultaneously... which leads into their ST beging completly unmarked in the center and its most of the times a free goal. EDIT : played two more games , conceeded two more goals from the same situation as described earlier, my GK passes the ball to my CD who tries to find the DLP with a short pass, 9 out of 10 times, it is misplaced, regardless which defender gets the ball either Amat, Williams , Balanta or Chico... Benteke just scored a screamer after a misplaced pass.
  16. You do realise those are mostly regens, right ? For example John Egan starts as a 19 year old in Sunderland in the first season, in his printscreen he is 24 years old. Anyone can sign, cheapish regens after 5 seasons which makes me doubt a little about your posts, can you please show us a timestamp aswell?
  17. I also have won the Premiership in my first season with WBA, only signings are Ashley Williams and Mario from Villareal.
  18. Alright, this is probably the best tactic ive used so far :/ Elhan congratulations are in order here. Ive ended 2nd in the Premier league with West Ham and won the League Cup + FA CUP. , with only a few signings like, Diego Buonanotte, Fleck, Gaston Fernandez, Rubem Amorim (on loan), Phill Jones (expensive but worth it) , Igot de camargo on loan + Douglas Costa on loan in january and Modesto on loan from Genoa. Ill post screens when im at home. Buonanotte and Barrera were amazing, and Gaston Fernandez took the **** at Carlton Cole in front of goal, Cole was missing so many shots, you need someone with good longshots and a ppm for placed shots.
  19. A little update of an amazing season with Fulham so far http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/9309/fulhamr.jpg My transfers in are : Djalo/Vukojevic/Otamendi/Bozovic/Fanni/Gaston Fernandez Hangeland http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/963/hangeland.jpg Oh yeah and the only teams that beat me were Aston Villa 2x X( and Chelski. Had a 5-5 draw with Man City
  20. dimartino, how do i watch those pkms? where to put them and how to watch them, thanks
  21. Totally agree, Hough. Im just stating as i said earlier, its quite hard with Hull without some players like Bullard to run middlefield. I played 15 games, lost 4, drew 3 won 8 with Hull, only 2 signings. Gaston Fernandez/Prince Bauben (first was a free 2nd on Loan)
  22. Wow, you guys really need to grow up abit. Overreacting? I never said in any of my statements the tactic doesnt work so learn to READ. Making wild accusations? I'm just dissapointed in you using FMRTE. Ricardomac you are a complete... but yeh nvm. I'll wait paciently for your Hull save.
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