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  1. This. Really annoying. There are a lot of people on this forum who think they are higher than someone else because they take 8 weeks to complete a season or play the full 90 of each game, and anyone who doesn't do that is extremely inferior.
  2. I don't see why doing the save games via Dropbox would be a problem? Actually I think that's an amazing idea... ah, but you would need to wait for Dropbox to upload the entire file wouldn't you?
  3. Football Manager 2013

    That's a great point. Steam is the way forward and there are narrow minded people who prefer to stick to what they know and blame Steam for everything (I read that someone blamed it for getting a Trojan virus)
  4. I think SI have every right to put in FMC and for the people that say its a bad idea... I have some advice for you... don't play FMC! There are some people who feel the explosion of extra features in the game just prolong their gaming time and they simply don't have the time to pay that much attention to it. There are people who spend a lot of time on it, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. However, there are people who would like to, but simply cannot. FMC comes to the rescue for those people. SI is not trying to appeal to a certain type of gamer, it's appealing to football fans. If you don't think you will play FMC or buy their (unlockable) micro-transactions, then don't play it! If you think FMC is a bad idea, good for you! Because there are people out there who will be more inclined to buy the game because of FMC. Also, Sir Alex Ferguson has had the 'cant be sacked' cheat enabled for 25 years so it's completely realistic [/sarcasm]
  5. Win the Prem with Hayes & Yeading, then we'll see if FM is too easy.
  6. I'm guessing it depends what leagues you are running
  7. I'm at Southampton in the Premiership, very far into the game now and I've got a decent little striker with bags of potential... He can't find a way past my strikers at the moment and I am sending him out on loan... but what type of team would benefit him the most? - A team where he would walk into the first XI every week and would bang loads of goals? or; - A team where he would be third choice striker, making him work hard to get off the subs bench and into that XI so he can shine? His determination stat is 16 and is lightning quick but finishing lets him down. What club would you send him to? EDIT: This goes for any player to be honest, not just forwards. If you had a player to send out on loan, would you want him to be receiving MotM awards every week or fighting his way into the XI and grabbing occasional chances?
  8. Gotze - How Much

    Sorry looked at thread title and thought of this
  9. My save game has been running, with Level 12 the lowest one and after a week, the file size is 37mb. To put that into perspective, my journeyman save where I'm now in 2029 is around 80mb. Simply way too big :/ Fantastic effort though!
  10. Regarding Wikipedia, bash ESC as soon as the page loads and you can see it's content.
  11. Or: download Gadwin Printscreen where you press 'printscreen' on your keyboard, draw a rectangle of what you want to take a shot of, press enter and hey presto, it's in your folder. Go to Imageshack.us and upload multiple shots, shaving valuable minutes of time
  12. I used to play for Pitshangers youth team and their men's team are in Level 13! Totally gonna use this database! Fantastic work Golden Eagles, 50 thumbs up from me!!!
  13. It's not really unrealistic because it happen in real life.
  14. "Playing nervously"

    I'm confused aswell, You can't really detect nerves can you? If the game sees nerves as making mistakes then wouldnt that reflect in his match rating?
  15. 2D > 3D for me, you see the pitch and formation better, i don't care about sparkly boots and correct kits on correct-looking players