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  1. as requested
  3. Everton doing ok. 3rd first season
  4. Just been testing some old FM Tactics on FM13 and this one came out on Top 4-5-1 Tic-Tac MaGiCK tactic... its the most stable one and scoring loads
  5. San Marino.. Dont they let in 9-0 at a Norm! lol
  6. A few more tests and it will be out maybe tommorrow night.
  7. I think the tactic doesnt score as much but i believe its the most realistic balanced tactic yet hands down. Everyone keeps expecting high scoring games. 5-0 6-0 7-0 + but come on guys. Does this happen in the real life, NO. Respect for you Hough & JP.
  8. Thanks FFrancis your a star
  9. no body nice out there
  10. Could anyone be Kind and send the Tactics to my email address please Having a Problem with File Front Thks
  11. Be Patient Guys.. It will most prop be released tommorrow evening or Latest Wednesday
  12. So JP.... Any Update on the new Tactic.. Latest tommorrow maybe? By the way i have alot of respect for you guys on the time and effort you put it.
  13. Oh My mouth is Watering!! New Tatics look Good
  14. Mr Hough.. Unable to Download your Unbeaten Final Version!! Error in FileFront!