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  1. Player A: £350 for another 1.5 years Player B: £1,100 for another 1.5 years Player C: £7,500 for another 2.5 years Player A has the lowest wage and (amongst) the shortest time left, still he's valued highest. And he doesnt even get to play in the reserve team (see previous post)! Ive now played another month and his value has increased to £230K.
  2. Ive now looked at his latest games in the "Form" section of his profile and I am quite surprised to see that he havent played one single reserve team game this season! Ive left the reserve team to my assistant manager and he seems to prefer to play another DL (a youth from my academy that he recommends I offload in the near future). I have no idea why, and I see no logic in it. He has however played in 6 pre-season friendlies with the first team this season with an average rating of 6.78. I even picked him for his first competitive first team game this month and he got a 6.8 rating. He has been involved in 2 U19 games too, both games with a rating of 5.5. No particularly good ratings I assume.
  3. Ok, so I took a quick look at their CA/PA and found the following: Player A: CA=62, PA=129, Current reputation=1741 Player B: CA=108, PA= 168, Current reputation=3687 Player C: CA=121, PA=154, Current reputation=4213 Player A has the worst CA, worst PA, worst reputation, plays in the reserve team but still is valued more than 3 times higher than my first choice DL in the first team. Why?
  4. In this case nobody is interested in the player and still his value keeps rising. I bought him in August 2015 for £2K. By the end of season 2015/2016 his value was at around £65K and I tried to sell him for £22 by offering him to clubs. Noone was interested. At the start of this season (2016/2017) his value was around £90K, and now in January 2017 its at £210K. Still no teams are listed as being interested.
  5. How do you mean its down to age? The three players are basically the same age (18/19) and I dont see how that should matter. Player A is left-footed but you are probably correct about his skill points. He has 3 U19 caps for Scotland. Player B is actually two-footed but I feel that his skill points are only slightly better than player A. He has 5 U19 caps for Sweden. Player C is left-footed and has 3 U19 caps for Spain. It would be interesting to compare the key attributes of these players, if you could list 3-5 key attributes for a DL then I can list the values for the players. I understand what you mean when you say player A doesnt gets noticed because he dont play in the first team, but I wonder if thats the whole truth. I have another player, a 17 years old GK that I bought when he was 16, and even though he is placed in the reserves and only have played 1 first team game I have recieved several bids for him (some I believe was made before he played his first team game). However I agree that its probably easier to be noticed if you play in the first team instead of the reserves.
  6. Actually, I do. Its from when I tried to sell him last season, and its set to £22K.
  7. 1.5 years ago I bought a 16 year old DL (Player A) for £2K and I put him in my reserve team. 6 months later I stumbled upon another young DL (Player B) (17 years old) that I decided to buy for £2K and put in the first team as a backup/rotation player. The original first team DL (Player C) is another young player (now 19 but bought at 16) that I bought 3 years ago for £120K. Whats interesting and strange is the current valuations of these players. Below is a summary of each player: Player A: Bought for £2K, current value £210K, plays in the reserves, 18 years old, 0 first team apps, coach report states he could be a decent Championship DL. Player B: Bought for £2K, current value £7K, plays in the first team, 18 years old, 51 first team apps, coach report states he could be a leading Championship DL. Player C: Bought for £120K, current value £65K, plays in the first team, 19 years old, 124 first team apps, coach report states he would be a good player for most Championship teams. I was on my way to sell player A last season but no team was interested. My question is: Why is player A valued so high even though my coaches (and I) rates him as the worst DL in my squad?
  8. Oh, I see my mistake...I didnt read your post properly, I only saw 5.000 and 6.000 and assumed that the expansion was with (only) 1.000 seats (I read the 6.000 like it was the final capacity but I now understand that it was the actual expansion). So you went from 5.000 to 11.000 capacity and it cost you £7.000.000? Then the cost would be slightly lower than my original calculation, yes...it would come down to £1.166 per seat with is pretty close to the £1k/seat rule of thumb. And I assure you, its not my math that's wrong...it seems to be my reading ability .
  9. It seems like Old Trafford was expanded with 8.000 seats in 2006, and the only number I could find quickly was £45.000.000 which turns out to be around £5.625 per seat (if that indeed was the correct cost).
  10. Hmm, while I was quite happy with £1.000/seat I must say Im not as happy with Dutts number: £7.000/seat! Can the cost be different depending on which country it is? Does anyone else have any numbers on recent in-game expansions they want to share (seats expanded / total cost)? It would be interesting to see if Dutts cost was a one-off or if its a normal cost.
  11. I was thinking of the average costs ingame, but your idea on looking for real life constructions is interesting. Im just afraid that a new stadium would be much more expensive than an expansion. Out of curiousity, do you know of any recent stadium expansions? You dont have to hunt down the costs and so on, I'll try to do that, its just that I dont know of any recent expansions myself...
  12. Thats too bad, it would have been the best way of solving this issue. Somehow I thought that if I upped the expansion capacity then the board would allow an expansion even though I didnt own the stadium, but the board still refused with the reason "we dont own the stadium". Do you have any idea why it is like that? Am I messing with the wrong values or is it impossible to expand a stadium you dont own even though the expansion capacity is larger than the current capacity?
  13. Im managing Solihull Moors and the stadium (Damson Park) is limited to 3.040 persons. Once you start to get promoted you suddenly realise that you need a bigger stadium to cover up for the increased expenses, however Solihull Moors dont own the stadium which means that it cannot be expanded. I tried to bypass this by using an editor but failed (the board still refuses my stadium expansion requests even though I increase the expansion capacity). I did however manage to update the current capacity, but I dont want the expansion for free. I would like to "simulate" a real stadium expansion so I need to add some expenses, and thats where my question comes: what is the average cost per seat when you do a stadium expansion? I realise that it may be different from case to case, but an estimate is good enough for me. If someone knows how to bypass the "the club does not own the stadium and can therefore not expand it"-issue using the editor so that I can expand the stadium "in-game", I would be extremely interested to know since that would be the best way. Thank you for reading this question. Your thoughts on this issue are highly appreciated.
  14. dedsi

    Stadium expansion

    Is that the only option? Im in this situation with my team, and I wish to expand the stadium to improve the incomes. How can I get the board to build a stadium?
  15. Does this mean that the reserve league is only good if you want to maintain your players match fitness? How did you come to that conclusion about the players not developing that much in the reserve team? Is that a known fact or something you assume? Im just curious, thats all .