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  1. I'm not sure if something has changed in my game, or if I've come across a bug. My thought is that I've changed something between transfer windows and the setting is just eluding me (hence why I haven't posted in the bug forum). Since the season ticked over to a new season (not that it should matter, but it changed to the 2036 season) loan requests are being automatically accepted for my U21s. Also, if I try to send a player out on loan to an affiliate I no longer get the chance to change his loan length or any of the loan conditions. All players get automatically offered to the affiliate for a one-month loan. I click "Move to affilliate", then the club name, and seemingly nothing (no follow up window), but it does initiate a one-month long loan. Just to rule a few things out: on each of the player transfer windows the "When I receive a transfer offer" is set to "I'll respond to it myself". Staff/responsibilities/club, everything is set to manager (me) except scouting and training (and youth development, which doesn't have an option for changing to manager). To state the obvious, I like to control my own loans, and I also want to send players to affiliates for the season, not for a single month! I've been able to do this in every previous season, it has only just changed, for some reason that is eluding me! The only thing I can remember changing recently (i.e. in the past game year) that I can think may have affected loans is I changed "Percentage of monthly wage they would need to contribute" to 100% (the default is 50%). Maybe this triggered a bug? (although I still think I'm probably missing some changed setting!!). Any ideas?
  2. I might be thinking about Queens Park. They seem like a dream club to go for (lower league, massive ground), but after getting them up through the leagues a few years ago I was shocked to find out you could *never* go pro, no matter how long you managed them for/how much you won/how many great young players you had/etc (I must admit, it didn't strike me as very realistic. Surely, if given the chance to compete for honours and with a big bank balance, any club would go pro in a heartbeat. No?). Maybe this has changed? /shrug
  3. Interestingly (bug?), if you ask to go pro you get the message "we've never been higher in the league, so we reject your request"!
  4. NM, I see there's an option under board to request pro status, answering my own question!
  5. AEK Athens looks really interesting. Although I think I might start with Stockport. I do have one worry, are they locked as "semi-pro"? IIRC many (most? all?) semi-pro teams can NEVER become pro, no matter what you do (unless you edit the DB)?
  6. Thank you all for your answers. There are some great shouts there and clubs I hadn't thought of!
  7. I don't really follow world football much these days. Have any big teams gone pop and been relegated a division or two (or three? Rangers-style?). Which "giants" deserve resurrecting? Have any monster/rich teams gone down a league? Any match fixing scandals where some massive team has ended up in a LL? What are the best rebuilding opportunities in FM15? Make your case here! (and don't say Sheffield United! )
  8. I really like this year's update, so far. A small feature request (UI change), if I may; the "scout" button is present and correct on a players profile page when you don't know which roles they can play and if you can scout that area, the button disappears if you know enough about a player to know his roles (so you'll see lots of ranges of player stats, without the accurate stat). It is more of a task to scout these players than it should be (requiring far more clicks into submenus). In previous versions of FM there was a scout button on the player's profile, I'd really like to see this back again please. Apart from that; good job!
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