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  1. Nice to see a Brentford thread. I have almost finished the first season with them and have already secured promotion, most likely in 2nd place behind Fulham who are 4 points ahead of me with two games to play. Played an adapted Gegenpress in a 4-3-3, fairly similar to @Fubz but with a AP-A and BBM-S in the CM slots. Only signings were Brewster on loan from Liverpool, he scored 23 league goals and started pretty much every game until getting injured and missing the last 6 games of the season. Will try and get him on loan again in the Prem (I did an initial enquiry and Liverpool wanted
  2. Do I have to start a new save for the German National team to contain real players or will this correct itself at the next round of call ups?
  3. I’ve changed the panels on my home screen but they keep changing back after I hit continue which didn’t happen before???
  4. No one in their right mind would have rejected this!
  5. Seems to be downloading fine this morning. Going to give the Classic a try out with my Sunderland side at the start of my second season. See if I can build on my 8th place finish from last season. Will report back after I've given it a good run of matches.
  6. It won't let me download the Classic version. Once I click download now, it comes up website not found. Anybody else having this problem with the links?
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