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  1. Nice to see a Brentford thread. I have almost finished the first season with them and have already secured promotion, most likely in 2nd place behind Fulham who are 4 points ahead of me with two games to play. Played an adapted Gegenpress in a 4-3-3, fairly similar to @Fubz but with a AP-A and BBM-S in the CM slots. Only signings were Brewster on loan from Liverpool, he scored 23 league goals and started pretty much every game until getting injured and missing the last 6 games of the season. Will try and get him on loan again in the Prem (I did an initial enquiry and Liverpool wanted £115m for him!!!!) and look to get another striker to support him on a permanent deal. Also signed Maximillan Wittek from Greuther Fürth for £1.8m and was a good rotation option with Henry at LB. Boosted the squad in Jan with Herbie Kane, again on loan from Liverpool, to rotate with Dasilva as my BBM as he was inconsistent. Had £2m future fee agreed, which I had to activate in March as MLS teams were sniffing round him to sign him when his contract expired at the end of the season. Watkins, Benrhama and Canos were all inconsistent. Watkins had a good run towards the end of the season, Canos was probably the most effective overall. The wide areas are where I need to strengthen next season as a priority. Will probably sell Valencia as he couldn't hold down a place in the team as I don't play with an AMC and he didn't impress in the wide positions or as an AP in the CM slot. Looking forward to seeing what the summer window brings.
  2. Do I have to start a new save for the German National team to contain real players or will this correct itself at the next round of call ups?
  3. I’ve changed the panels on my home screen but they keep changing back after I hit continue which didn’t happen before???
  4. Just thought I would come back with a little update. Stayed undefeated in the league until January when eventually we succumbed to a struggling Barnsley and Ipswich who were 7th. Until that point our only loss had come in the 4th round of the Carabao Cup to Brentford which was disappointing. Still top of the league by 16 points at the beginning of Feb is not to be sniffed at. Made two signings in the January window, Hassan coming in for £5.5m from Braga to provide some competition for Bonatini up top; and Trent Alexander-Arnold on loan from Liverpool for the rest of the season at WB. Pretty happy with how the tactic is playing at the moment but would like to see more shots on target converted to goals more regularly.
  5. It has been inconsistent so far and is still a work in progress. I found that I was getting exposed on the counter attack out wide and through the middle so I changed the two CD stoppers back to CD-D and the Wing backs to support and removed the offside trap TI. Ive also changed the mentality to control and added retain possession to the TIs. In attack we were getting too bunched up in the middle so I have the TI set to play narrower to give a little more width than before but still allow the space for the WBs to get forward into. Played 10 won 5 drawn 5 in the league so far sitting 2nd behind a rampant Norwich who are 5 points clear of me. We’ve won three in a row for the first time so hopefully it’s a sign of better consistency. The next challenge is that it is creating a lot of chances but we are wasteful. I am also undecided as to whether the BWM is more effective in a support or defensive mentality.
  6. I have just started a new game with them. Haven't played any matched yet but looking to go with something like this to begin with and adapt from there. EDIT: The second CM role for Saiss is a BWM in Defend.
  7. Decided to start a game unemployed with the highest rating for experience and coaching badges hoping to take over a struggling mid-table top division side and make them a force in their respective league. However, the Klopp was sacked in December in the first season with the team sitting 17th in the league and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Promised the board a top half finish and managed to finish 6th on the last day of the season, level on points with West Ham but with a better goal difference. Highlight of the season was reaching the final of the Europa League. Unfortunately it wasn't to be a fairy tale ending as we came up against a strong Juventus side who had walked to the Serie A title and we were brushed aside 2-0 without offering much resistance. I didn't hold much hope as our form had been indifferent towards the end of the season but was still disappointed with the performance. Star performers were Sturridge, who I am managing to keep fit by rotating him with Benteke who was also outstanding for me. However, Coutinho ran the show from MC as an Advanced Playmaker. In terms of signings, Klopp had only bought in Shane Long (yes I don't know why either!!!) in the summer. I recruited Asmir Begovic in Jan from Chelsea for £7.75m. Mignolet was out injured long term, and as I had little faith in him anyway, wanted a more reliable keeper for a few years until I can hopefully bring someone through the youth system. I let both Enrique and Toure leave for Swansea for small fees. More concerned with getting them off the wage budget than making money from them. This season I plan on giving a chance to more of the youth already at the club, Gomez, Brannagan and Rossiter in particular and Grujic also coming in. However, Gotze was available from Bayern and with an asking price of just £9.25m I would have been stupid to let him go elsewhere and has been my only major singning. Got a couple of regens in as future prospects as my youth intake wasn't very good this year. Long, Lucas, Allen, Balotelli, Bogdan, Illori, Luis Alberto all left for pastures new. Total transfer spend is £14.75 with £41.4m coming in. Still have £71m to spend but I don't think that I can recruit better than I already have without paying over the odds for someone. Like the look of Icardi but I went all the way up to £71m which Inter still refused. Looking forward to this season, have ambitions for a top four finish and hopefully some silverware. Struggled to get into a save this year but this one has reignited my passion.
  8. Won the league and the Europa League in the second season. More interestingly though, the board announced plans to increase the capacity of St. Mary's by 16,000 seats to be completed in October 2016. In the mean time, I am ground sharing with Reading until the work is complete. And Coventry City fans thought they had it bad!!!!!!!!!!!'
  9. I'm pretty sure he has a random determination attribute. On my Saints save I think it is higher than 15.
  10. Won the Championship easily in the first season. Achieved the unthinkable in my first season in the premier league and finished 4th. The signings I made plugged some of the major weaknesses that I had in the squad and Ademilson, Adryan, Wellington Nem and Yttergard Jenssen lead the way in terms of performances. Going to be a tough ask to even qualify for the group stages and I will do well to finish 3rd in the groups and get into the Europa League. Need to expand the squad so we can compete in Europe and cope with the extra number of games. Bring it on!
  11. Board have given me an extra £8M to spend in the January transfer window in the first season. Don't think I'm going to need it though unless I can get a good left winger in to provide competition for Sako as Boukari is proving to be worse than useless for me and think I'm going to cash in on Ward before his contract expires in the summer.
  12. I had Eduardo Ratinho at right back for Tottenham back on FM07. What a legend he was. Either bombing down the flanks and unleashing a ridiculous shot from distance or smashing in free kicks for fun.
  13. It was the second time he had launched a bid and the second time it failed. In the end Ashley pulled out so I could operate in the January window. Shame I only used it to bring in a few young regens. Can't seem to offload Ben Arfa at the moment. He had a bad injury towards the end of my second season and was out for a few months and his stats and performances plummeted.
  14. Steve Harper has just reared his head again with a proposed take over. Media speculation is that he intends to install Felix Magath as manager and he even put in an appearance at my next game and declared his interest in the job. Nice little feature that, well it would be if my future as Newcastle manager wasn't surrounded in uncertainty. Ashley has told them to get a move on though otherwise he is going to pull the plug so I can operate in the January transfer window.
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