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  1. Totally agree with you, unfortunately. Just removed the beta and waiting for the "real" patch as the improvements are not good enough and ME is still very annoying. How long we have to wait for a satisfying improvement? Till the end of February? This game needs a hotfix asap and hope it comes very soon.
  2. The problem applies to all mental attributes of the players. Whenever there is no pre-set value, the preferable number is 1-3, which is really annoying. Extreme highs or lows should be rare, so please adjust this as I don't want to edit every second player in my team. It is taking away the fun and is not fair as in low leagues players usually have less skills, but are not complete losers (being made with such low mental skills). It is not that difficult to make stat generation more balanced by setting some limits, so SI, please do it!
  3. Totally agree with your concerns guys. There is not only a problem with hidden attributes, but with the mental attributes at all. Starting a game for example with Gloucester and my team is full of players with 1 for determination, bravery and work rate, which really makes the game unplayable as those attributes do not change a lot and are influencing the whole player performance. And this is for existing players, free transfers and new regens. It should be made more consistent and balanced and should vary around the average values...like in real life. Please correct it as this bug exist for years in all FM versions! Thank you!
  4. If I posted it in wrong topic, please move it to the correct one, but don't ignore it as the problem is for years (also in the new fm20) and very annoying. Thank you!
  5. Please make the random creation of stats for players which have no pre-set values (especially mental stats) more logical and balanced. I am tired of having players with determination, bravery, work rate or professionalism of 1. It makes them almost unusable, taking in account how difficult is to change those stats. Such radical examples should happen very rarely as the most people have an average mentality and I have lot of such bugged players every time when I load a new game. It is weird to have somebody created with determination 1 and next game to be with 20, especially if he is an existing player, not a regen. Please do the random generation of stats more logical and balanced. Thank you!
  6. Fair enough, you have point, but I am not taking stars with mach better ability then my current team members, I am mainly checking for potential (above 80) as I like to develop my own players. And the opposition still has better players then me. But maybe you are right...
  7. Thanks again for the replies I played already aprox. 20 matches, namely I don't have time to play more, unfortunately. Hence I am asking people with more experience of that version of the game. I use 442, doing some tweaks, but trying to avoid too many complications of the tactic. Manager experience is automatic, according to the team (Gloucester). The only "cheating" I am doing is the use of online editor for checking players before confirming the transfer (checking the hidden mental stats and the potential). In this connection I can see that almost all players I have in the team are below average comparing to the other teams in the league and because of this I am surprised by their amazing performance. I play FM for really long, since the 90 and normally I am struggling in the low divisions, suddenly my team started to win every match and I was thinking "that is strange..." In general I have no problem with the game, just wanted to ask if anybody else has the same experience. And as far as I can see, I have no reasons to be concerned, maybe I am just "too good" and lucky...for now
  8. Great post from the moderator! Thanks a lot for the amazing tips! Just some unimportant points: My old topic from 2012 is connected to the corresponding FM version and does not mean that I am generally dissatisfied from the difficulty level since 2012. It means that in 2016 we could theoretically have a similar issue. Therefore I am asking the other guys about their opinion, to find out if there is a problem or not. If there are more people on the same opinion, then we will probably need a competent moderator statement. For now, I am just asking...the mates
  9. Hello guys, I always played LLM in the English conference north/south and it was pretty difficult, especially at the start of the first season. Now I am playing FM17 and with Gloucester I am on the top of table after 13 games, without any special efforts to be honest..I don't change my system 442 I barely use any additional instructions, my players are below average (checked with the in-game editor), but I win everywhere - home, away, cup games... I am starting to think that there is something wrong or I suddenly became very, very good/lucky The feeling is pleasant, but I am starting to miss the challenge from the past versions.. Otherwise I really like the improved match engine and the way my team is wining, it seems to be realistic, but somehow too good compared to my previous experience. What is your opinion, do you have similar observations? I remember that anolder version had the same problem a couple of years ago and it was fixed with a patch after lot of people complained about that. Do you think we have an issue here again, or I am just on a wining streak? Thank you in advance for your replies
  10. Ok, there is no update right now, but there should be an update asap, because of the missing option for disciplining the players. I will not discuss the mentioned and still persisting flaws of the match engine, but to be honest the whole thing with the non stop waiting is getting already more and more annoying. So far I tried to remain calm and constructive, but more than one month I am pushing myself to like an unpolished product due to sentimentality and loyalty to the good old days. You guys are not new to the business, so you should not expect an unlimited tolerance and understanding from your customers. And we are exactly customers, not a fraternity of voluntary testers. Most of us have other jobs and we do not want to spend our limited free time in documenting/reporting bugs and performing tests. Please, do not feel offended, but I have the feeling you become complacent due lack of concurrence, so please take your heads down and try finally to make this game not somehow playable, but enjoyable. And please, if possible, let it be before the spring comes. Thanks and best regards
  11. Hello SI, can anybody tell me how to make my players run faster with the ball? I think there is a bug with the match engine - namely when a player gets the ball he starts to move like a granny, regardless of his attributes /pace, acceleration, dribling../ and of course gets easily caught by any defence. This is annoying to watch and even worse- it makes the "counter attack" based tactics useless. Till now I have never seen a goal after rounding the keeper or a quick run trough the defense followed by a well placed shot. Are you guys aware of this and will be there a solution in the next patch? Thanks a lot in advance:)
  12. After the new patch, ME looks significant improved, but there still are some issues, which need further action. I hope SI is aware of them, but would be very nice if somebody confirms it. - Attacking speed without ball – already mentioned – it is not well implemented in the ME – when the forward is in space and free of any defenders he does not move enough quickly and gets caught with ease. - Attacking speed with ball – when attacker receives the ball he firstly stops and then start moving like a turtle – it’s very annoying and practically kills the effect of the counter-attack and generally of every strategy build on quickness. - Players are still “skating” on the pitch – they move unrealistic as they are on skating rink, not big issue, but looks unpolished. - The attributes are pretty bad represented on the pitch – there is no real difference between players, everybody plays the same clumsy way – gifted or not – could not be spotted on the field. Is this being worked on? "Yes" would sound very promising:) Thanks in advance!
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