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  1. Loving the game,expecially the transfer negotiations,private chats and agents!awesome stuff
  2. God just tell me how to change the background to black,i cant play it more than 15 minutes
  3. And one other thing mate,your screenshots are huuuuuuge,are you playing on 82inch lcd?
  4. 700.000€ per month!! Great statistics btw expecially International 5 matches 8 goals,brilliant
  5. FM10: Sergio Canales

    Sarcasm? or the most ridiculous post ever?
  6. That good.Very very impressive
  7. http://www.transfermarkt.de/en/spieler/62765/nicolas-millan/transferdaten.html
  8. patch 10.3 -wayne bridge

    Whoa intense,it was my first rant,dont be harsh ,i play one game and one only and it's fm and over the years i learned to be patient thank you very much,i'm like Dalay Lama when it comes to waiting.But sadly i believe what i said is true
  9. patch 10.3 -wayne bridge

    6 months after the patch fm11 will be released,so what i'm saying is where is the bloody patch.
  10. How to get a son!please need help

    By editing some files,havent tried it,dont remember where the file was "FUTURE_REGEN" "First name" "Common name" "Second" "DD-MM-YYYY" "Nation" "Favourite team"
  11. Franchise League (kinda like the IPL)

    great work mate thanks a lot,very enjoyable.Dont worry about the Istanbul lol ,gonna post if i find something wrong
  12. FM10: Necip Uysal

    Researchers did a great job on this one,i watched him a couple of times this season he is something between ballwinning midfielder and deeplying playmaker. In the game he improves really fast and his potential is
  13. FM10: Edin Dzeko

    Dzeko plays best as a Target man/attack imo.His dribbling,creativity,pace(cant remember actually) and crossing is a little bit low for a complete forward