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  1. Loaning out players

    Reckon it's probably a combination of both of those explanations. Thanks guys.
  2. Started two new save games in the last couple of days and both times I've tried to loan out youth players however when I'm made an offer my only option is to reject it. Is this a known issue or am I doing something stupid?
  3. Striking Problems

    I see your point, but I'm not finding the lack of goals from other strikers as the actual problem. The main thing is that some strikers seem to be getting a very unrealistic amount of goals. For example, I play in the SPL, in past 11 years in real life, 30 goals has been passed on 3 occasions by two different players with 2 years seperating each of the seasons. Two different players shared these 3 tallys (Larsson 35 & 30, Boyd 32). Now you could argue that Larrson was too good for the SPL leaving only Boyd whos managed to surpass 30 playing at a level which suits him. In my game, 30 goals (40 in one case) has been passed in 3 of 4 season by the same player, and its looking very much like he will do the same again (17 at Jan 1st). Surely that is unrealistic ?
  4. Annoyin...

    Setting tackling to easy doesn't mean your guaranteed not to pick up cards or give away fouls. Could relate to you players tacking ability or aggressiveness levels or maybe just really poor refereeing.
  5. Striking Problems

    I watch my matches in key highlight mode and he does seem to miss a lot of chances despite scoring a huge amount. Maybe I'm just getting really lucky, but I didn't think anyone was capable of producing that amount of goals consistently.
  6. Striking Problems

    I know about FMRTE but haven't ever downloaded it due to the number of things you can do with it. I know 'Griffithis ' is a very highly rated player, but surely no matter what his CA/PA is, over 30 goals a season for 4 years straight for someone so young is a tad unrealistic ?
  7. Striking Problems

    Not sure how to find out what his CA/PA is but his name is 'Leigh Griffiths' if anyone knows what his stats are.
  8. Striking Problems

    I'm using a basic 4-4-2 with some minor alterations to the team instructions and yes, you're right in saying that I'm playing with two strikers. Strangely, the attributes of my current second striker are probably better but he's only been in the side for 6 months. In that time he scored 8 goals in 18 league games.
  9. Striking Problems

    Should have made it clear that I'm aware for most teams one striker will out score another, but at most top teams, you'll have at least 2 maybe more getting into double figures for the season, my team seems to be the exception to this. For the current season he's scored 53 goals in 51(3) appearances in total and in previous seasons he's scored 24 in 33, 45 in 36 and 30 in 33 games. The last three totals are league goals only.
  10. This isn't a problem as such, just something I've noticed. Basically, one of my strikers seems to be scoring an unbelievable amount of goals, whilst the rest struggle to reach double figures for a season. As it stands, with 3 games left of the season, my star player has scored 52, while my next best is on 13. This has been the case in all 4 of the season I've played. Anyone else had something strange like this ?
  11. System Requirements

    Ah yeah I know what you mean now, got a mate who's fairly good with computers, will have a word with him. Thanks again for the help.
  12. System Requirements

    What do you mean, know someone ? Appreciate all the advice btw
  13. System Requirements

    It's a Dell. Costs £629.00 but that's including a monitor. As you can probably tell, I've not got much of a clue about computer hardware so I've no idea why/why not it would come with 6Gb RAM, but that was the highest option available so that's the one I selected.
  14. System Requirements

    Wasn't aware of that. Newer one is an AMD Athalon II X4 (whatever that means :confused: ). The one I'm currently using is an Intel Pentium 4.
  15. Hi guys Basically, FM has started running fairly slow on my PC (not just FM11). I was taking a look at the system performance area when you start up a game and I'm struggling to get it to 1-star even when I've only got all of the Scottish and English leagues running. I've taken a look at the back of the box and I've got the required rates needed to play. At the moment I've got a 3.0Ghz processor and 1gig RAM running Windows XP. Also the PC is somewhere between 6 and 7 years old. I've been thinking about upgrading to a new PC and the one I've been looking at has 2.8Ghz processor with 6gig RAM and would be running Windows 7. Obviously, the new PC would give me much more RAM but a lower Processor. Would this new one speed up my game play, and could the fact that my current system is struggling be down to its age? Thought I'd get some feedback here before buying.