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  1. Not sure if this is where I should post this; if mistaken, forgive me. I purchased FM2018 yesterday from Steam. It appears in my Library but there doesn't seem to be any (obvious) way to install the game. Am I jumping the gun here? Will I be advised when I can install the game at a later date?
  2. Hello chaps: Sorry I'm starting a new thread if this topic has been dealt with already, but search engine turns up nothing for me. I have had a few players unhappy (& constantly complaining) with the time spent on match preparation. Not enough apparently, I scoured the training pages but can find no way to change this element. I remember I put training & match preperation as a responsibility for the AM. Still got the same bloke. Maybe he isn't doing his job? Any clues would be much appreciated. Also, how do you change captains, vice captains? I put the replacement up on
  3. I looked all over for this & couldn't find it. When you tell me where it is, it looks simple. Thanks Cleon!
  4. Just appointed a better AssMan but need him to do all the stuff my old bloke did; like take friendly matches, team talks, etc. How do I give him these instructions? Thanks!
  5. Thank you very much! I can proceed with my miss-management with this same team. Much appreciated.
  6. I had my Ass Man taking charge of all friendlies. I have a new Ass Man now but am suddenly back in charge of friendlies. I can't find where to go to get the new bloke to pull his weight & take charge of friendlies again. Can someone please help?
  7. I can't find any thread dealing with this so forgive me if this issue is an old chestnut already sorted. Many times when I go to discuss a new contract (or renewal) with a player, a figure appears in Agent commission box that is shown as a minimum & marked as saved. It is very often above my board's maximum and negotiations collapse at first hurdle. I have to withdraw from negotiations (no option) & have no way of telling the player why talks have stalled. This seems a picky and (dare I say it) stupid element to suddenly bring into player contract talks. Any moderator care to tell
  8. When a player comes & asks why you didn't let him talk to such 'n such club, unless you tell him you will accept the next bid that reaches our valuation of you, then you are screwed. All other responses finish in tears with a player hating you, or what you've done. Consequently I give this same wishy-washy answer to all such inquiries. Anybody found a better way to handle this? If this is posted in wrong forum,,, apologies.
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