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  1. So Daniel, I always have to press to pick team later?
  2. In previous incarnations I got a list of all the clubs in each of the playable leagues. I could then browse & pick which team I wanted to manage. This version just shows all the badges of each of the teams in the league. I can't access any information about players roster, what state each team is in, etc. I am effectively selecting "blind". I must be doing something wrong, or missing something, right? Anybody?
  3. I looked all over for this & couldn't find it. When you tell me where it is, it looks simple. Thanks Cleon!
  4. Just appointed a better AssMan but need him to do all the stuff my old bloke did; like take friendly matches, team talks, etc. How do I give him these instructions? Thanks!
  5. Thank you very much! I can proceed with my miss-management with this same team. Much appreciated.
  6. I had my Ass Man taking charge of all friendlies. I have a new Ass Man now but am suddenly back in charge of friendlies. I can't find where to go to get the new bloke to pull his weight & take charge of friendlies again. Can someone please help?
  7. I can't find any thread dealing with this so forgive me if this issue is an old chestnut already sorted. Many times when I go to discuss a new contract (or renewal) with a player, a figure appears in Agent commission box that is shown as a minimum & marked as saved. It is very often above my board's maximum and negotiations collapse at first hurdle. I have to withdraw from negotiations (no option) & have no way of telling the player why talks have stalled. This seems a picky and (dare I say it) stupid element to suddenly bring into player contract talks. Any moderator care to tell me why this ball-breaker has been slipped into this part of the game? More importantly, how do I get around this? I would say this occurs on about 50% of my player negotiation talks. Anyone else falling foul of this?
  8. When a player comes & asks why you didn't let him talk to such 'n such club, unless you tell him you will accept the next bid that reaches our valuation of you, then you are screwed. All other responses finish in tears with a player hating you, or what you've done. Consequently I give this same wishy-washy answer to all such inquiries. Anybody found a better way to handle this? If this is posted in wrong forum,,, apologies.
  9. Have just finished my first year as NFFC manager & would like to share my initial views of 2013. Likes: 1) Up-dated database, excellent! 2) Pre-deadline transfer news participation. This is a fun addition that is also optional. Great! 3) End of season confidence review. Leaves you in no doubt as to your position with the board. Simple & effective. 4) Seamless performace throughout from Steam... so far. Keep it up. Dislikes: (Have to say some of these issues might be adjustable within the game & I don't know how!) 1) Awkward player transfer search that returns page to the top after scrolling down & clicking on a possible target. Page should return to where is was left. 2) Whilst watching highlights there is a "possesion" line that obscures the match commentary. Irritating, since one generally has no interest in possession at this stage. 3) A player praised for performance retorts "I'm not prepared to discuss this issue again". Excuse me? This has stopped me praising anyone any more. Scouting reports are not as comprehensive as in the 2012 version. Prettier... but not as informative. Jury still out......: 1) The new match engine seems pretty much the same, except figure appear smaller. No real quantum leap here. Anyone agree, disagree, got any other "Likes & Dislikes"?
  10. Oh! That's what is probably happening with me. I only get shown the dross the Youth chappie is not interested in. Would prefer to not see anyone that he doesn't consider good enough to sign, it's a complete waste of time.
  11. Don't think so. Can't remember now. Aktar; thx for the good advice (as always) but since I am now in the process of D/L of 2013 Beta, I doubt I will be playing 2012 again. Off to the 2013 forum to try to pick up some tips before I start making a fist of playing the new game.
  12. So, two (game) years into my Clyde save, I get offered the Wigan job. They've just dropped into the Championship; transfer funds mentioned are 12,5mm with a wage budget of 625K (current wages 600k). Not bad, I think & accept. As soon as I accept, they say the transfer budget is 275K & wage budget is 525K. Excuse me!!!!! This is surely sharp practice & don't ever remember a previous job offer being reneigned in such a radical manner. This happened to anyone else? Is there a "sue the board" feature? If not, we need one!
  13. In all my time playing FM, the only players I get notified about being "eligible for a professional contract" they are all absolute dross; one star potential, max. usually half a star. How come I never ever get notified about a great youngster becoming eligible? Is it the same with you chaps?
  14. This is all too much! Stick to the football elements, there is plenty (too much maybe) there already with which to occupy the most meticulous gamer. Forget diets, yoga, phsycology, etc. Jesus!
  15. Thx for the advice FrazT. Do you have any idea how these "Parsing" what-nots arise. Is it something we do wrong that causes it. Can we avoid them?