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  1. Heres my Profile if i have done it right. Gonna try this challenge again this time with the Mighty Rocks or Bognor Regis. Good luck everyone.
  2. I have Bashley if you can tell me how to upload it.
  3. Hi TacticalGenius I bought my laptop from PCS and I have the Seagate 500 Hybrid and the Caviar Black 500 with the Seagate as the main drive that FM is installed on and I have no complaints at all highly reccommended as are PCS as somewhere to buy from. Hope it helps
  4. How are the finances in the Italian league now, are there still problems throughout the league?
  5. Hi Validicus i havent got anything that high but i run fm 12 on this; Chassis & Display Viper III: 18.4" Glossy Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Mobile Processor i7-2760QM (2.40GHz) 6MB Memory (RAM) 8GB SAMSUNG 1333MHz SODIMM DDR3 MEMORY (2 x 4GB) Graphics Card 2 x 1.5GB nVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560M - DirectX® 11 (SLI) Memory - 1st Hard Disk 500GB SEAGATE MOMENTUS XT HYBRID, SATA 3 Gb/s, 32MB CACHE (7200 rpm) 2nd Hard Disk 500GB WD SCORPIO BLACK WD5000BPKT, SATA 3 Gb/s, 16MB CACHE (7200 rpm) it runs fairly fast with 3D on full. had it about 8 months good machine.
  6. Hi Tactic Master you could do worse than look at the PC Specialist.co.uk website if you are looking for a high end laptop. Higher specced than Alienware and cheaper, faster delivery and excellent customer support before and after purchasing.
  7. Im 52 soon and have played all the FM/CM games and still play every day pretty much lol
  8. Season Jan 2016/17 Forest bottom of EPL 2011/12 Npower Championship 1st 2012/13 EPL 20th 2013/14 Npower Championship 2nd 2014/15 EPL 16th 2015/16 EPL 17th
  9. Anyone find there Steam time has been reset with the new patch? I think I was on about 170 hrs and now I am on 8hours !!
  10. Yes i am playing with Napoli, mainly because I had such an enjoyable save in FM 2011, and the FM2011 Club thread inspired me to play as Napoli. I have not had a very good league start in the league, lost to Lazio first game of the season and then drew with Inter and lost to Chelsea (Champions League) and A.C. Milan, before the squad gelled and we won the next 5 to sit 2nd at the end of October. Only bought 1 player Luca Antonelli and am playing 4-3-1-2. Hope to see a few more people in here over the next few months as they look for a new game to play. Will keep looking in and post some more updates as I continue with Napoli
  11. I have had my best save with Napoli on FM 11 and cant wait to start a full game on FM 12 with them. Started a demo game and did well but I dont play the whole demo as I would rather wait for a full game but I played about 8 league games and won 7 drew 1 if I recall correctly.
  12. RIP SFraser always read your informative posts and learnt so much through your posts. I agree with others that SI should put him into the game pemanently in some form Thoughts are with the family /Martin
  13. Good thread SFraser I apologise if this has been asked before but if a youngster has "doesnt relish big occasions" as a weakness in the scout report do you dismiss signing him or can it be altered, pehaps by mentoring?
  14. Farnborough BSP 2011/12 League Table Graph Had a surprising season in BSP, I did not expect promotion in my first season, I could not catch Luton and they won the title easily. Although my defence looks good on paper they tend to leak stupid goals throughout the season. Thank God for Super Kyle Kyle Wilson I did not do well in any of the Cups and did not expect to, as I had started well in the league and all efforts were to make the playoffs. So I have made L2 and looking forward to a healthy transfer budget after 2 seasons of no budget at all and then I get 14K Transfer budget despite being within my wage budget for 2 seasons and recieving 90K in parachute payments!!! What am I supposed to get with that? It looks like a struggle in L2 this season and hope I can avoid relegation.
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