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  1. Very nice and well written update. Although, this league is quite easy...not challenging enough. On the other hand, you have the chance to play around with your tactics and try new things. I think the most difficult part with Sporting is the financial part. They've got an outstanding loan of smg like 250 mil. That IS a challenge...! Keep it up !
  2. I just started a save with Lyon and it is really enjoyable. Very good youth system...coaches....very solid base to start off and with careful planning and clever selling the club could go all the way to the top. I just hope it wont become too easy of a save.
  3. any suggestions about an interesting save then?
  4. well....in this years version, i have mainly tried Italy....i really liked Genoa, Torino, Parma (which was quite hard), Sampdoria and most of all Atalanta.....which i am thinki9ng of doing my first ever post about them...if i find the time that is...
  5. i am more of a fun to choose one of the big 5 leagues and take a teal with some kind of history but currently underachieving...i think is more challenging like this.....since most of all the other leagues is just 2-3 horse race....usually
  6. Well...the thing is that outside the big 5...there is hardly any challenge......unless you choose a league...like portugal or holland and pick a medium....smallish team
  7. why dont you try partizan belgrade ? Very good team....lots of history.
  8. i love an Ajax save...i had an excellent save with them on FM 18. This year i havent tried Ajax yet. So i am thinking about it.....i also really like this year Atalanta......so i havent made my mind up yet......Is Ajax easy enough this year in the Dutch league?
  9. thanx mate for your ideas......i started a sporting save...but it seems quite easy........so far......may be i ll go down the goddess way...atalanta...not sure yet.
  10. Hey guys. I am also torn b/w the following: Atalanta......the little Ajax of Italy with an amazing attacking football style. Ajax....a great philosophy at the club...never stops being just amazing.....with a great name....since i am Greek Sporting CP.....also a club with a fantastic youth academy.....long time to win the title and make a difference in Europe. Lastly, Torino......great history......el sistema tactic......a very good youth academy. Any suggestions guys, would be really appreciated....so as to start a new save!!!!!
  11. @GylfiAsCharged....i am at still at preseason. I thought the team would have more quality after the winter update....but it is not the case. The thing is that i am trying to replicate their real life tactics (i know some guys have written about this) but without success yet. I mean the preseason results are not good enough.....nevertheless it seems like a decent challenge save !!!! Any one else any more thoughts on Frankfurt ?
  12. Hasn't anyone chosen Eintracht? Is it a good team to choose as in real life?
  13. @GunmaN1905 cheers mate ! I will let you all know how Inter progresses...
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