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  1. @GylfiAsCharged....i am at still at preseason. I thought the team would have more quality after the winter update....but it is not the case. The thing is that i am trying to replicate their real life tactics (i know some guys have written about this) but without success yet. I mean the preseason results are not good enough.....nevertheless it seems like a decent challenge save !!!! Any one else any more thoughts on Frankfurt ?
  2. Hasn't anyone chosen Eintracht? Is it a good team to choose as in real life?
  3. @GunmaN1905 cheers mate ! I will let you all know how Inter progresses...
  4. Cheers mate for the quick response. In my save also, he is not good.....actually i am starting a new one now and thinking of not going with real life Inter tactics.....we'll see......4231 is not good in Italy where almost all teams defend with 3-5 defenders..... any more Inter hints just before i start the save would be much appreciated !!!
  5. @GunmaN1905 how was Icardi during your 1st season...every time i pick Inter, i have problems scoring with him, using 4231, that is. What tactics you think suit best Inter during 1st season? Also, with the winter update, i would have to leave quite a few players unregistered.....which sucks.....
  6. @Carlf788how was the first season? I am thinking of starting a save with Viola....or Milan......i hanen't decided yet. Do you mind sharing some thoughts about Viola tactics?
  7. Your replies were of the best timing...cause i was started thinking that is smg wrong with me. I have spent over 400hrs in FM19 and still haven't completed one full season, as many of you also have said. So, that's a relief. I have tried so far, Man U and Chelsea but was too easy. Although Chelsea with winter update might be interesting. Spurs...well there were just Spurs. Milan was OK (in Winter update) but still...I am thinking of starting one save with Inter at last...or may be a save in a smaller league as you guys have suggested. We'll see...Sporting Lisbon , Fiorentina, and may be Cagliari seem interesting.
  8. @BadAss88..if don't me asking...what is your latest/current projects?..regarding teams. thnx mate
  9. I have started a Milan save last night....the team is doing quite well......any more suggestion regarding big teams in the prime championships that would be quite an interesting save?
  10. Guys, i could use some help in choosing a new project, since the winter update has been released. I am mainly thinking either in England (since it is so competitive) either Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs or Man Utd.......or Italy with Milan, Roma projects..... Any ideas and suggestions would be very appreciated....since i am getting bored easily.....and i do not have much time any more playing FM as i used to have...so a good choice would be quite helpful !!!!! Thnx guys
  11. That That's quote a dilemma actually....I played a couple of games with both of them before the winter update. Both are strong and quite challenging. Milan obviously is better after the update...and with a healthy finance. Good young core...quite a few Italians. Roma has financial problems.....better staff, though, i.e. Monchi...well not in real life though. Also, very good Italian core and very challenging team. Actually, i would like to hear other people opinions on these two.....cause i am also thinking of picking one of the two.
  12. Yeaaahhh !!!!! We have touch down ! Thank you so much !!!! The game works perfect, as you suggested. Then i added any additional files and still works perfect. Free touring and sightseeing in Athens/Greece, if you ever come this way!!!!!! Cheers mate!
  13. @Neil Brocki just saw this...i am going through these steps and i will let you know....thank you for your immediate response, though.
  14. @Neil Brock please Neil i need your help.....I have done everything you suggest but still the game freezes during loading (it is staging). I have done all the windows updates (windows 10), uninstalled and reinstalled my GPU (AMD), went all through the different scenarios at steam, but still nothing happens. It just keeps on loading.......what else would you suggest? DxDiag.txt
  15. Cheers mate, but still doesn't work. @Neil Brock i could really need some help over here.....i have sent you a couple of emails, even my dxdiag...but didn't get a reply. I have tried everything that you all have suggested...but still the game freezes at the loading screen......i am an AMD user by the way. So please fix the problem at last for all of us !!!!! Release a patch for everyone! DxDiag.txt
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