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  1. Now you say that, that kind of makes sense. I'm not sure why I didn't see that before. Although I guess I figured my CM(S) would be in the middle as well as my striker. Maybe he doesn't go up high enough like my striker. I've switched off the hit early crosses and i'm going to make small changes to see the effects in the next game as summatsupeer suggested. ermant makes a great point about swapping over the WM or wingers, I've done that but left them on support as I don't want them shooting, they couldn't hit a paper bag from 30cm with a truck...but they can cross a ball... I think I'm slowly starting to get it.
  2. All, I'm playing as Bath in the Vanarama South and I'm having a problem that I don't know how to fix. I'm using this formation: I'm also using the following tactics: I've been winning a few and even dominated in our Maidenhead game and beat them 5-1. However, in the last couple of games I've noticed that I'm always getting a higher possession, usually between 55-60% but I'm not creating chances. Every highlight is them with a chance. In my last game, I had % of 55-60 most of the game yet only created 4 chances to their 16 and they scored 3 goals against me. What's wrong with this? How do I fix it? My biggest problem is that I don't understand when I'm seeing a problem on the pitch, I find it difficult to understand how to change what I'm doing for the better. I watch all my games in extended rather than just key but I don't really know what I'm looking for. Can someone point me in the right direction? I understand there's no silver bullet for this (and I don't want one) but maybe a nudge in the right direction or some tips on what to look out for? Thanks everyone! --Premier2k
  3. Has something changed?

    Ah! that was it! Thanks all. Figured it had to be something stupid
  4. Hi all, I've come back to FM2014 after along period away and I've started a new game with full English leagues and some German, Spanish and Italian. Yet, when I try to select a team, it only gives me Oxford, Swansea, Blackpool or Shrewsbury and the Skrill leagues are greyed out? I double checked I selected all leagues and I have? Before I uninstall and reinstall I just want to check if anything has changed, it's very odd. Thanks all, Premier2k
  5. I should add that if there isn't such a diagram, I'll attempt to put one together and get some feedback on it to improve or correct it.
  6. Yes, I understand that. I find that sometimes it's not always clear from SI's information. I was hoping that one of the clever tactical bods had maybe put something together that gave a better, more informative overview of the space and movement that each player occupies for a particular role. I often read posts that say "well, if you use those 2 roles with each player then x and y are going to collide in the middle" - It would be useful to know when this is going to happen. An example would be that, a DLF and an MC(a)....would these 2 collide? as the MC is pushing forward and the DLF is dropping back?
  7. Hi all, Is there a post anywhere that describes or shows the positional movements for each role? I.E. a poacher would be shown as mostly around the penalty area for example or a DLF would be shown as moving between midfield and penalty area? N.B. I realise I'm probably wrong with the positions above but it was just an example. I've had a look around but I can't find anything on this and I'm wondering if this is where myself and maybe a few others struggle with, with not knowing where a role will move to. If we can understand that then we can maybe 'plan' the team better. Obviously, the role would change slightly with Attack, Defend options.
  8. I've switched full time to my 4-2-4 tactic for home and away games and I'm finding this is a much better tactic that I can easily switch between counter and control, with the occasional Attacking and Defensive change. 7 games to go and I'm currently 5th.....
  9. I've been experimenting a little after reading all of your comments and I've made a few changes. I've changed my CM(auto) to a BWM(S), he's big and powerful and is able to win balls in midfield. I've set my CM(d) to a DLP(d). I'm finding now that I'm playing in the centre before spreading out wide and floating the ball in for my forwards to get on to. I swapped the TM(a) for a support role, to be honest I'm not noticing much of a difference currently but he has found his form again and is currently 18 goals in 36 games. I've taken your advice and I'm using more of my team to tackle hard, not in a team instruction but as an OI for all midfield oppo players that have a bravery of less than 10.
  10. Good point lam, I gave you all the information but neglected to tell you what the problem actually is! doh! Basically, I'm not sure. The main issue is that my strikers just aren't scoring. The midfield is usually ok, wins the ball and can play good passes, but the strikers either get lazy and don't run for it or they do get the ball but are out-paced by the opposition. I like to play balls either through the middle or over the top. I know that I can use 'Play into space' to get the balls through the middle more but how do I get them to play over the top if I'm against a fast defence. Also, sometimes I'm being pressed and my players don't have long on the ball, sometimes they dither about with it and lose it (v. frustrating). Would I need to go for a much shorter passing style? or, I've just thought, maybe up the tempo? It's very difficult for me to explain what's wrong, it's just that the team aren't performing. Maybe just a mid-season blip? I'll pop the fixtures and results below.
  11. Hi all, So I'm finally putting a proper post on here to find out where I'm going wrong. I've started what must be my 50th new game of FM13 and I just can't seem to get it right. I started unemployed and got a job with Havant and Waterlooville. My team lately have lost the ability to play football and we've gone from heading the table to mid-table. In fairness we had a prediction of mid-table but I know my team are able to do a lot better. I recently read a post from someone saying that at different points in the season the AI changes it's 'opinion' or view of you depending on whether you're over-performing or under-performing. That's not to say that they adapt to your tactics but rather they line up differently against you. I'm posting my tactics here in the hope that you guys can steer me right. I've read a load of excellent threads on these forums, threads such as Cleon's Understanding your tactic, Wez007's rage quit story and one of my personal favourites Rashidi1's Stafford trip. (I've subbed to all of these and I encourage everyone to go and read) So here's my formation that I've been mainly using, a simple no frills 4-4-2; Here's my tactics screen; My team comparison; All players have default tactical instructions except for the goalkeeper who is set to distribute to the DL. (Defender collect) If I'm playing at home against a much weaker team then I'll use this, at first this worked really well but recently it hasn't and I've kept with the 4-4-2 So what am I doing wrong? I've tried to keep it simple and not mess with the sliders. I'm sure this can be improved more. If there is any more information that I can give you that I've forgotten then shout and I'll chuck a screenshot up. Thanks everyone. Premier2k
  12. I get what you're saying. That makes a lot of sense when you put it like that. I think I'm perhaps being a bit to cavalier with some OI. As I'm often seeing stupid things like my MR at an AML position and my striker halfway down the pitch. I'm definitely feeling that over using the OI is where I've been going wrong.
  13. I agree, but maybe for that behaviour would come under zonal marking? (maybe I'm missing your point here) I'm glad you mentioned this because this is something that has been bugging me with the whole tight man mark thing, players getting pulled out of position. I think (in my relatively poor match spotting skills) that I've seen this happen, so now you've mentioned it I think I could be right and this is what is happening. I hadn't thought of that! My assumption was correct but hadn't thought that through fully, I was just considering if the AI subbed the player and I still wanted to mark that position. I'm always setting both player and position and actually in fact at times that could be hurting me as again I could be setting too many marking instructions on too many players and potentially getting pulled out of position. Again that's something I hadn't considered! Wow, I've been doing some things very wrong. I've been always setting Closing Down and Tight Marking in my OI. That again could be detrimental to the shape and may not actually be working. I have noticed that sometimes I set both instructions on a forward and my defenders at times seem to completely ignore him or are miles away. So from what you're saying, my defender who I want to mark a dangerous striker is being pulled away from the striker because he has closing down on his tactical instructions or is closing down another player that I have set in OI to close down. You've given me a lot to think about....fantastic reply, thanks lam
  14. Something has been bugging me for a while now....couple of things actually.... Let's say in my tactics I've set my full backs to tight mark. Then in the OI page prior to a match I set the AI wingers as Tight Mark. Does this mean that those FB's will tight mark the wingers? If not, who will? I'm not sure I understand the whole OI thing both at the OI screen pre-game or as an instruction in the tactics screen. I think the problem is, I'm not sure how all that links together. If someone could enlighten me that would be great. Secondly, In the OI screen, you have the OI for a set player that you've clicked on and then below is the OI for a position. Am I correct in assuming that you're setting the OI for the opposition position? I can see it being a fall back so that if the AI changes the player in that position then you don't need to reset the OI for that player because it will automatically apply for that position anyway. (Of course, that falls down if the AI changes formation) Cheers, Premier2k
  15. Defence in FM13

    Excellent post Mattp1980.