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  1. Very curious about this tbh. I normally take a good look at your tactics before I make mine.
  2. Ok tks. I highly doubt that the website gave me a wrong region code, but i'll try to get that out of them tomorrow morning.
  3. Hey Neil, is there any chance to know if the activation code I have is from another region than mine?
  4. Ok, i'll try that. But, like i said, i spoke with their customer support and they said they had no info about a second key.
  5. Portugal. Same website where i bought it last year, and had zero problems.
  6. I purchased mine from gamekeys4all. Can you please give me some feedback on this?
  7. Neil, how can a retailer get in touch with you guys if they knew nothing about that 2nd key that should be sent today to every buyer?
  8. Miles Jacobson said on his twitter account that every retailer should have sent a 2nd key today to every buyer, so that they could download the "update" for the final version. My retailer knew nothing about this, i hope i'm not in trouble... I guess i'll have to waste time with this...
  9. Already did. And they said the info they got was that 1 code did the trick. Like last year.
  10. Did that already with gamekeys4all, they have online chat, they have no 2nd code. All they say is that the code i used for the beta version, should update automatically for the final version. Verifying the cache integrity on steam didn't work either, still on 14.1.1
  11. Got my key through gamekeys4all, just confirmed with them that they have no 2nd key, and my game remains on 14.1.1 version after a bunch of steam restarts, etc Trying to verify the cache integrity of the game on steam, to see what happens
  12. Btw, i can recomend you this site, if you want to check a player or a club transfers for example: http://www.footballzz.co.uk/home.php?country=1
  13. Sporting: Luís Aguiar - Not loaned to Peñarol Caneira - Signed for Videoton Torsiglieri - Loaned to Metalist Pedro Silva - Free Transfer Adrien - Loaned to Académica Pedro Mendes - Free transfer to Vitória Guimarães Maniche - Free transfer Tales - Signed for Internacional Porto Alegre Saleiro - Signed for Servette Abel - Retired Atila Turan - Loaned to Beira-Mar Mexer, Wilson Eduardo and João Gonçalves - Loaned to Olhanense Celsinho - Signed for FCM Târgu Mureş Purovic - Signed for OFK Beograd André Marques - Loaned to Beira-Mar Cristiano - Loaned to Beira-Mar Grimi - Loaned to Genk
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