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  1. So it's not going great. Pavon just ended his 13 hour goalless streak and Charlie Austin is on a 20 hour goalless streak.. My last 3 away games have ended up 0-5 v Tottenham 0-3 v Southampton 2-4 v Man City W4 D2 L8 -14 Goal Difference Seemed okay up until these games, they really rattled me, got a crap 1-1 draw against leeds as well. Not to concerned about the amount of goals conceded as its partly down to me staying very agressive when I should probably sit back and shut up shop. (Went ahead twice against City) We get slaughtered from crosses It tends to be one defender who gets a massively low rating, guessing thats from mistakes) What I am concerned about is my forwards. We have only scored 12 goals in 14 games. Of the little chances we create we miss really easy ones.
  2. Thanks for the reply. For chances created Id like similar to Barca. How they play the extra pass across the runner before playing it through to him. Or lovely team goals like Wilshere vs. Norwich a couple of years ago. I am definitely happy to keep possession rather than waste it my trying to move up the field to quickly. However I dont believe my squad are strong enough mentally to play a strong possession game. 1. Good point, I guess I will remove the be more expressive TI. 2. As I say, I favour False 9 type forwards, but Charlie Austin is my current main striker and im hoping his physical presence will help him compliment the runners in behind him even if it means the team is a little more direct sometimes. 3. Noted! I changed the formation just because my previous was a very unsuccessful 4-2-2-1 (its my go to formation). I will probably see how it goes with a flat midfield three first but I will definitely keep this in mind.
  3. Because I am building towards an ideal, this post will cover some non tactical aspects but I will try to keep them brief. I am really struggling on this years game. Regardless of who I have been managing my results and statistics within games have been massively unstable and it has make it really hard for me to understand where my problems lie. Currently I am managing Aston Villa who I finished with in 17th place. The Idea I want to play attractive football. I like seeing teams absolutely split open with incisive, fast football. I don't have the talent in my squad to play like Pep's Guardiola but when they switch into their quick attacks in the final third, that is very much an inspiration for my Villa side. I have butchered the original Aston Villa squad. As seen below, it is filled with young, technical players. The forwards/wingers have plenty of pace and good at dribbling. There is creativity throughout the midfield. Flair, determination, decision making, bravery are all strong throughout the squad. First touch and passing are adequate but can expect to improve as its a young bunch. I am going to split the idea into three seperate parts, so it aligns with the ingame tactic planner. Defence Aside from the back four and a couple of midfielders our tackling and marking is poor. Positioning and work rate are pretty average. We don't really excel anywhere so I plan to take advantage of the strong bravery and determination in the team and have them close down. I will be playing four at the back. I think this set-up plays on our strong points. Reduce the space, get stuck in and win the ball back. Build-Up Determination, Decisions, Pace, Acceleration, Natural Fitness, Agility, Technique, Creativity, Dribbling are all strong. Composure, Strength, Crossing are not good within the squad. I want to take advantage of our speed and fitness. Coupled with our lack of strength I want to keep the ball away from the opponents & not get into physical battles if they can be avoided, thus I am immediately looking at playing the ball out from the back. I am happy for my players to retain the ball rather than force the issue but I would like them to get into the final third in a timely fashion. This is an area I was a bit unsure of, except playing out from the back. I am happy for them to vary their passing if they can make it work and I feel like pass into space will encourage them to look forward and get up the pitch quickly. I also went for be more expressive because I figured we have decent creativity and they might need to use this against teams that choose to sit back as we play out with the ball. Final Third Work Ball Into Box was a no brainer for me. I want to get close to the goal, making those lovely passing moves into the box. Roam from Position was selected to encourage movement as that is crucial to this way of playing football. Team Shape I feel like I want to stay with standard mentality and fluid, and depending on how the game goes I can alter these. I chose to keep the tempo normal, although I want these lightening quick attacks in the final third, I don't particularly want the rest of the team to rush about with what they are doing. I play wide to help the build up and use the space available. So to some that up here is the TI's and the initial formation I plan to go with. So the idea is the full backs can get forward in the steady build up phase while the IF's both try to get into danger zones, I want them to be the main threat. Some of those player roles are dependant on who is playing, for example my other strikers play as false nines. ------------------ So thats basically all I have for now. Id love it if you guys could find faults with my set-up because I really want to strive for some consistency. I wont be putting this set-up into play until I get some initial thoughts on it!
  4. Looking at him at the start of the second. They only want 14m for him and his contracts running down! Hopefully half a good first half of the season and he might be interested in a switch lol!
  5. If only! Any updates on your game soon? Counter Attack still working well for you?
  6. In January for 2.1m to Watford, likewise Ayew, yet only got 1.5m for him. Really not a fan of Gestede so I gave him sod all first team action whilst he was at the club.
  7. Spent season 1 getting constantly turned over. Not sure why. I even cheated once and made all the players morale Superb. Finding this years game really tough. Anyway no more cheats. I survived on the last day of the season, on goal difference. Here are my transfers for the first season. 2015/2016 IN Charlie Austin - 10m Andrija Zivkovic - 2m Thiago Maia - 8m Gino Peruzzi - 3m Cristian Pavon 3.4m Juan Cazares - 1m (Cant get permit) Emerson - 4.5m (No permit) Balanta - 3m Bolstered by Kouyate, Andreas Pereira, Cahill and Lacina Traore on loan in January. OUTS Ayew, Gestede, N'Zog, Sanchez, Senderos, Kozak, Bacuna, Clark, Gabby, Hutton and a few others So this first season was a write off, complete dross, numerous tactics failed me. Totally inept. ------------------------------- Going into the new season I will be having a reshuffle of the squad and a tactical reform. 2016/2017 IN Schmeichel - 3m Gabriel Jesus - 3m Malcom - 13m Mandi - 7m Reinartz - 3m Tielemans - 13m Vida - 6m Arango - 20k OUTS Richards, Lescott, Sinclair, Gil, Veretout, Westwood + More I am quite happy with the squad, unsure about the defence but it should see me over for the time being. I have a good midfield and forward set up with plenty of potential. I will be bolstering the squad with loans when they become available -------------------------- The Tactics Ive tried sitting deep, pressing high, playing direct, controlling the game. Nothing has worked yet for me. I am setting myself some philosophy related targets going forward, in order of importance. 1. Devastating Goals - I have a relatively quick squad who offer fairly decent movement off the ball. My AM strata consists of very good dribblers. 2. Solid Defence - Peruzzi, Balanta & Okore all blow hot & cold, Amauri is more consistent but not setting the world alight. 3. Possession Football - A long term target. The midfield are not yet mentally or technically strong enough to play this way, nor are the full backs. My main go-to tactic will be a 4-3-2-1. Both wide men play best as inside forwards & I want to compliment them as much as possible, switching between target men & false nine up front depending on situation. The midfield trio consist of a BMW, B2B and an advanced playmaker who can take advantage of the space in front. The defence is a basic line up with Amauri as a WB role to offer more support going forward. I have gone for a standard mentality with higher tempo, more closing down, exploit the flanks, hit early crosses & more expressive. My second tactic will be about retaining possession. This will be mainly for seeing out results, I don't plan for this to be very effective offensively, yet. If we have the ball they cannot score. In this set-up the BWM is dropped back to DM to produce a 4-1-2-2-1. Both IF are set to support and told not to give possession away whilst both fullbacks are now WB/S as to make themselves an option as much as possible. TI include - Low Tempo, slightly higher, more closing, fairly wide, play out defence, exploit flanks, short passing, dribble less, work ball into box Finally, the counter attack. Again a 4-3-2-1 but with a DLP rather than an AP. This relies on us being tight at the back and as quick as we can on the counter. I expect to use this against the Arsenals but hopefully not to often otherwise. About to try to everything possible to increase my changes of success this year. Setting up friendly's as we speak.
  8. Lost the Community Shield to Chelsea Won only one of my first 5 games in the league, drawing 2, losing 2. Lost against Schalke in the first Group game. Reckon I will get the sack soon. I do however have 64.80% average possession in the league..
  9. Guy has been a beast for me but is no one frustrated with the amount of long shots he blasts into row Z? Way to many from the left wing, so I decided to play him upfront, nearer to the goal. Still pings so many into the fans though from the edge of the box
  10. Pretty sure Balanta is horrible in big games, hidden attribute.
  11. So I lose the season on the last day to United by losing to West Brom, not happy. I was top until I crashed out of the CL. Anyone got any suggestions on how to play Depay and Sanchez together? Ive been using Sanchez mainly upfront because I have had Depay on the wing. Depay has been awesome but I feel Sanchez would absolutely destroy on the wing given the chance. Perhaps I could switch them around and have depay up front, he has the strength on his side.
  12. I am actually playing him as a Regista. I like the aggressiveness of the role & how he is a threat from outside the area. In 11(2) appearances his stats are as follows. - 4 Goals - 2 Penalties (2) - 1 Assist - 1 POM - 87% Passing - 9.23 Tackles per Game - 7.36 Average Rating Going into the second season he is becoming even better. All round improvements. I have my defence push up higher to compensate for the gap. Just got POM in a 7-1 mauling of Spurs.
  13. Season 1 - Complete CompetitionsPremier League: 3rd Champions League: Semi Finals FA Cup: Third Round League Cup: Third Round Finished 3rd in the league on 80 points (+51 GD) behind a storming Chelsea (99 points) and United. Went 3-0 up at home against Barcelona in the CL Semi Final only to be humiliated 7-1 in the second leg. Happy with our league performance, especially the defence considering its the weakest part of the team. I had great success playing a 4-2-3-1 all season, with one of the CM's pushed back to CDM. Coutinho and Sterling made the most assists in the league, 20 each. TransfersFirst Window Closed Ins: Lucas Silva - £6.5m Youri Tielemans - £9.5m Giovani Dos Santos - £12.5m Jack Butland - £3.5m Marquinhos - £4.8m Outs: Joe Allen - £10m Lucas Leiva - £7.5m Fabio Borini - £7.5m Iago Aspas - £4.5m Jose Enrique - £4m Kolo Toure - £20k Loans.. Very pleased with my dealings, finishing the year with a net spend of just £3.3m. Giovani Dos Santos turned out to be a great signing, coming runner up in 'Signing of the Season'. Lucas Silva has also had a storming second half of the season, a very accomplished passer with a real eye for goal, including a hat-trick against Southampton and an overhead kick! Marquinhos and Butland have provided backup whilst Tielemans is one for the future. I have no time for those which I sold. The only one who was getting game time under me was Allen, but by December his poor performances spelled out his fate for him. Moving on.. Season 2 I have just arrived at my first fixture of the new campaign. I am hoping to progress but CL qualification is still satisfactory. I have made some pretty big changes to the squad with profit in mind, noticeably upfront. I am content with the balance of my squad, however I made find myself improving the defence in January. Ins: Bryan Oviedo - £1.7m Benat - £1.4m Jeronimo Ruilli - Free Transfer Carlos Vela - £15m + £5m in installments Danny Ings - 14m Outs: Mario Balotelli - £50m Daniel Sturridge - £55m Martin Skrtel - £4.6m Luis Alberto - £2.9m Andre Wisdom - £2.3m Sebastian Coates - £725k Steven Gerrard - Free Glen Johnson - Free Loans.. Oviedo will provide good cover down the left whilst Benat will be retrained as a regista as backup for Lucas Silva, who will comfortably take over the role from the departing Gerrard. Ruilli will provide more competition for the #1 shirt which will be up for grabs this year whilst Carlos Vela and Danny Ings are the new striker force, with Lambert retaining his role as 3rd striker. I could not resist the money from the Balotelli and Sturrdige deals, I only planned to sell once in this window but as I got the offers, I went for it. Skrtel is one that I wanted off the wage bill, along with the not needed Alberto, Wisdom and Coates. I am very happy with my wage budget. And will be looking to further reduce it with the sale of Lovren.
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