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  1. excuse me for being stupid, but where is the link to the thread re prize money? I have read the faq where it mentions in a question about prize money that you have to 're-create' the entire nation to edit prize money. EDIT: I'm also pretty sure I haven't edited the wrong section; I also edited tv money but that hasn't seemed to take effect either. I edited the prize money via the swedish premier division drop down box and then where it says initial tv money. Is there another place I am supposed to change the figures? ThanksQ
  2. Hi there, I have read the FAQ's but still cannot find anything to resolve my issue. Basically, I wanted to edit the TV and prize money for the Swedish premier division. After adding nation rules, adding additional league and then converting rules to advanced, I managed to successfully edit and verify my changes. However, when i start a new game, my changes have not taken into effect; the database changes I made have been implemented, but anything to do with what I changed via advanced rules hasn't. Could somebody please assist in what I am doing wrong?! Do I have to re-create the whole nations leagues or something? That would seem a bit far-fetched just to edit some figures! Thanks in advance
  3. PLEASE please please can you add in away attendance's. It always bugs me that I don't know how many fans I've taken to a certain game when playing away. It can't be too much of a big thing to implement.. I know it's only a small point in the context of the game but its the little things that make it realistic! Maybe like list attendance's like 4509(away 400) just to show how many fans have gone to the game.
  4. hi there, I have managed a club team and struggled to find a national team to offer me a job, and now im manager of england, no club team will offer me a job.In past games, you could always manage a national team and club team, however im struggling to get a club to offer me a job, i am wordclass reputation but not even the little teams will offer me a job... any help? many thanks
  5. hi, im not sure where to post this but in my current game whilst advancing from the first round knock out of the champoins league, when i got to about mid march i realised that i had not seen the draw for the quarter final and that the Europa league had been drawn. its now the 27th of march in game, and i looked at the champo schedule only to find that there isnt anything scheduled until the qualifying rounds in June. is there anyone that can look at my save game and see what has gone wrong? many thanks. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. offer mutual termination, they always accept and its normally nominal compared to just cancelling the contract.
  7. yes you can. add a league like sweden or brazill, and where it says start date on the league choices, change it to sweden(2011 not the 2010 option)...
  8. whats the purpose of it? well i can sorta work it out, but when i try and make the workload higher, it always reverts back to average after. not sure if this is a bug or purposefull, but id like more training time spend on match prep, however it wont let me do it?
  9. Jack payne and Luke rooney!
  10. my computer never seems to tell me my recommended amount, so i never go over 30000, and run about 19 different divisions. does anyone think that my recommended limit is probably quite higher than this? recently new laptop, and my other one used to go red when i went above my recommended limit..
  11. Not sure if this has been mentioned before. i've found that if any club in fm goes into admistration, you had bid nothing for their players and it will be accepted. i even tried it with madrid, and had offers for ronaldo and kaka accepted for nothing. IRL im sure teams try to offload there players to balance the books, but would never sell there star players if any players for nothing. im pretty sure in the games case they dont do it just to balance the book.whatever the players value or reputation, the offers will get accepted. sorry if its been mentioned before, but hopefully the exploit will be rectified for fm 11.
  12. ah great thanks! how do you display the picture like that again? and well i currently play a 4-4-2 diamond, with the defensive midfielder as a 'water carrier'. i first bought him as defensive midfielder, but im unsure wether DC is better for him? so yeah basically, im unsure what position to put him in, as well as what type... the only bad thing about having such a good 'utility player'!
  13. hi, would just like peoples opinions on what this player's best position is? he is a natural in all his available positions, and i just bought him for a record 60 million. because of this, id like to get the best out of him, any ideas? hopefully the image works but ive never uploaded one before!