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  1. MERROW FC Another 1st place finish, but this was much tougher. We needed a draw on the final day of the season to secure the title ahead of Egham Town. For some reason we were not entered in to the Combined Counties Cup, and had early exits from both the FA Cup and the FA Vase. So, ahead we go into the Regional Leagues, the finances are still in the black (£40k ish), but I assume things will start to get tougher. I've got a bit of a rebuild to do also, as most of my best players were poached during the season.
  2. MERROW FC A good season, reaching 101 league points and winning the league cup, but disappointed losing in the FA Vase semi final on penalties, and also losing my unbeaten league season right at the end, but I can't really complain. I guess it gets tougher now....
  3. MERROW FC A good first season with a league and cup double. Next season should be fun - we've gone semi-pro, moved grounds to share with Farnham Town, we're expected to win the league, whilst playing both attacking and counter attacking football...!
  4. So, I have been given the opportunity to become manager at Merrow FC, based in Guildford, Surrey. They are looking for a top half finish, with promotion the following season..... Here is my manager profile, and announcement of my appointment.
  5. Hi, I'd like to give this a go, but unsure how to download this update. Any help would be excellent.... Thanks. Edit: Worked it out - I'll update shortly.
  6. It was third interview lucky for Jack Bauer, as South African First Division side Royal AM offered him the job as manager. They have fairly lofty ambitions, so could be interesting. I start in SA Division One in 7th place after 12 games. The board expect play-offs!
  7. Hey! I'm in - meet Jack Bauer! I have the Indian and South African league loaded, and ready to find a job. Wish me luck!
  8. JALKAPALLOSEURA HERCULES Season 9 - Finnish First Division (2nd) Despite dropping in to the First Division last season, this was definitely my favourite year so far in Finland. Even with the disappointment of the end of season developments, I can look on this season with fresh optimism. I decided before the league started that the team needed re-energising, so I let some of the originals go, and introduced some of the youth players with the best potential, and did they impress! We immediately turned in to a team that created far more chances than we did previously, and they seem
  9. JALKAPALLOSEURA HERCULES Season 8 - Finnish Premier League (12th) ....but at least the new Chairman was happy... Not the season I had hoped for, but it was always on the cards. We stayed up last season by a whisker, and nearly performed another miracle this time as well. If we had of drawn our final match we would have gone into another play-off. We conceded in the 92nd minute to lose 3-2, and back in to the First Division. We did deserve to go down though, and gives me a chance to get rid of some of the 'old-guard' and bring through some of the promising youngsters.
  10. If I don't get fired this season I'll be amazed. 90% of goals I'm conceding are from crosses into the box, and I can't work out how to stop this, I've tried everything. Any ideas? Currently winless in 11... help!
  11. I don't mind. I probably nicked it from someone else. Good luck.
  12. JALKAPALLOSEURA HERCULES SEASON 7 - Finnish Premier League (11th) MORE PLAYOFF DRAMA Survival was the only outcome that mattered this season, and what a way to do it! We looked safe with 2 minutes of the regular season remaining, but a FC Honka goal pushed Hari and his team in to the two legged relegation play-off match against the team that won the First Division play-offs. That team was FC KTP. With the first leg at home, we disappointing trailed 2-0 early on, but saved our blushes by levelling up to make it 2-2. Fortunately there was no away goal rule, as the away leg finishe
  13. Survival in the Finnish Premier is really touch and go, my players are trying their best but the quality is lacking in the attacking areas, and we're getting found out. With only 7 matches left I'm just inside the relegation play off place by 1 point. The most likely outcome at the moment is a play off match with a team from the First Division.
  14. It seems the Finnish Premier is a big jump from the First Division. Struggling early on with 0 points from 3 matches.
  15. JALKAPALLOSEURA HERCULES Season 6 - Finnish First Division (3rd) Well, what a season! It started horrendously, and after 7 games I was sitting proudly in the relegation zone, and Hari Litmanen was seriously considering what his future would hold when the board realise what was going on. However, he decided to throw a new tactic together, and see what happened. What did happen, was a 10 match unbeaten run, taking the Hercules army matching into the top four. That was where we stayed for the remainder of the season, and qualifying for the top half promotion league. The top team gets
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