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  1. This is far from being a finished product. BETA - is mainly for bug fixes and finishing touches, it's not the finished article. Judging a game based on how it plays during Beta is never a good idea. If you bought from Steam and have over 2 hours game time - you will not be able to get a refund, that's just their refund policy. I'm not sure what the policies are for other companies.
  2. Not sure if already posted, sorry if they have been Couple of promising Spurs youngsters. Carter-Vickers at 20:
  3. Opposition teams are near enough unstoppable when they attack via the wings. Players seem to be committing more fouls and getting more cards.
  4. What is the possession, passing like on this tactic. Obviously I'm guessing the results are good, but I want to play nice football while beating the opposition. Picky I know.
  5. Why not play out the first half and see how your guys compete? Also what area's do you want to improve?
  6. Buy Berardi, also look at Lincoln for the LW. Pogba isn't worth the money in my eyes. Tielemans and Alli will only get better and better.
  7. APOLOGIES FOR THE LONG POST A look at some of the youth I have bought into the club. Christian Torp, a Danish Left Back Jowan Hoyte, a English DM/CM Luke Warrington, a English CM Alan Ramsden, a English CM Wayne Rawlins, a English CM and LM Leonardo Gonzalez, a Argentinian AM Courtney Morgan, a English Winger/ST Alex Stonehouse, a English ST Miguel Angel Alonso, a Spanish ST Mohammed Rahimi, a German ST As you can probably tell, I'm rather excited about these players by looking at their attributes. Still a long way to go and a lot to learn.
  8. That Toby offer is not worth. If he's happy at the club then keep him. My dream signing for my team would be Alli and Odegaard. I had a 61m offer and the contract accepted for Odegaard but didn't have the funds And Dele is at Man City, because of a release clause in his new contract. I'm thinking I'll need to spend about £121m to bring both of them in.
  9. Erm this just happened I promised Berardi that we'd win the Champs League this season. He heard that Barca wanted him, yet I received no bid. Berardi came on at the 66th minute and destroyed them! I really hope I can hold onto him.
  10. Depends on the position I'm looking for. Normally Fitness is a major one I look at, and Stamina. I also like my players to be quick on their feet.
  11. I just lost Dele Alli to Man City for £37m. End of 1st season I agreed to give him a new contract, his agent snuck in a release clause of £37m... my own fault I know. Brought in Youri Tielemans for £15.75m.
  12. Yeah I found it, you have to be logged in and then you get a drop down choice for the quality
  13. Has anyone kept Luke Amos and can they show how he turns out? To me he looks pretty promising but is only rated a potential 1.5-2.5 stars which makes 0 sense to me... Yeah his mental attributes aren't the best but still?
  14. Does anyone know where to find the encoding options for when you're uploading replays? I just uploaded one and it's in the terrible 360p quality. Anyway to up it?
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