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  1. ahh i see how would u go about a mass edit or would it be a case of person by person?
  2. im wondering if theres a way to remove everyone from every team in the world for a save im thinking about making where everyone has to start from scratch but im struggling to figure out how to terminate everyones contract if its at all possible
  3. i wouldn't mind that option pick sponsorship deals set transfer budgets expand the stadium etc etc, I remember one of the old Manger games had a feature where u controlled a lot of this
  4. On my current save there's calls for him to be called upto England he's scored 10 in 13 (almost real life) amd Chelsea are after him. So I guess Si games got his stats just right
  5. Im currently using a 4231 with my sunderland team, but i use the following GK RB Wing Back Attack LB Wing Back Attack CB Central Defender Defend CB Central Defender Defend RCM Ball Winning Midfield Defend LCM Box To Box Midfield Support RAM Winger Support CAM Enganche Attack LAM Raumdeuter Attack STR Complete Forward Attack Team Shape Shape Structured Counter Normal Tempo Occasionally Time wasting Width Wide Defence Slightly Deeper Close down Sometimes Build up Clear Ball to both flanks Exploit both flanks Passing Mixed Direction Be more disciplined Attack Hit early Crosses both sides Shoot on sight dribble less stick to positions Currently sat 6th in thr PL half way through the season beat chelsea, Man utd and liverpool. the tactic its self could for sure use some tweaking but im not the best tactic creator in the world and this is doing the job i need for sunderland
  6. Name: Mohamed Zidan Nationality: Egypt Position: ST/AMC Wage demand: 20.5k What level he's good for: Currently using him as Hull and hes a goal machine Leagues loaded: Aus A league, Brazil Nat 1st. Eng L2. France L2. German D2. Italy Sirie B. South Korea K classic. Spain Liga A Swedish prem. MLS, database size large Extra information: really good player and although 32 is playing every game in europe and PL for me
  7. so the season is finished and im happy to say i managed to come second, however im sad to say i basically just did a Liverpool and blew it 8 loses and 2 draws from Jan to May let Man Utd catch me and over take me could have won it on the last day but drew 1-1 With Man City who i hoped were gonna do me a favor and give me the game to stop Utd winning sadly not. So the summer came and i was offered Top Half, ECC, Or win title, i went ECC and was offered 20mil transfer and £921433 wages Outs Mcshane West Ham 500k Jakupovic Man City 200k Sagbo Fulham 1.4m Rosenior Huddersfield 250k In Caulker 12m Steele 4m Andrey Ricardo 550k and 2 regens in a RWB and an MC my youth intake was amazing with 3 really good looking players, sadly ones a AML which i dont use just started the new season and the ECC draw came out, and im not getting through the group stages, Juventus, Real Madrid, and Sporting, if i can get 3 points over all ill be happy
  8. So i finally got around to starting a hull city save, in fact i finally got round to playing FM14 for more than 20mins. So the ins and outs are as follows Outs All Loans i had got released Most of my reserves are out on loan Ins Mayke RB Free (joined 1/12/13) Macheda ST 1.4mil Livermore im hoping to tie up at the end of the season, im using the Silk and Steal/Rainmaker tactics and all i can say is WOW this really suits the team, after 16 games im sat 1st W10 D6 L0 highlights include 4-0 Liverpool, 3-1 Man Utd, 2-1 Chelsea, and thats without the save and reload cheat! sadly out of the Capital 1 cup after losing to stoke 1-0 3 days after beating Man Utd which made me a bit sad. In the jan window ive got the mighty Honda coming on a free had to offer a lot of wages though.
  9. well its taken me some time to get the game but at last i can start playing as Hull once more, so far looks like a tough challange, currently sat 1st in the CH after 5 games but injuries are mounting up, however 15 for 4 against in 5 games will do me nicely, so far ive bought in Joe Holt, James Beattie, Alex Tuninetti, Andrea Gaspari, Luigi Turbacci and Ahmed Soukouna all on frees, Glenn Loovens from celtic for 180k and Stephen Dobbie for 400k ln fee, i managed to sell James Harper for 240k, and Ghilas for 350k, i also released Waghorn back, i had played around with the first 3/4 months on another save just to test who was worth keeping etc, everyone seems to say get Gulacsi out as hes an 8k bench warmer ive found not only has he kept Basso out of the first team hes getting plaudits left right and center Just recieved an update from the staff, Nick Barmby feels that Nick Barmbys training progress has been hindered by his recent Injury recovery....well im sure he would know best >_<
  10. nice tactic using it now on a hull city save, gonna see how i do this season with it even if it is a bit late to be starting another game of FM so close to the new one lol
  11. Just started using this as my hull team in its 3rd season so far in my 2 pre season friendlies against hull reserves and hull under 18's my back row is "thin due to opposition pushing men forward" now as the reserves are simply full of kids as are the U18 im wondering if its something i need to adjust in some way to make sure i dont get spanked by better teams
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