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  1. On my current save there's calls for him to be called upto England he's scored 10 in 13 (almost real life) amd Chelsea are after him. So I guess Si games got his stats just right
  2. Im currently using a 4231 with my sunderland team, but i use the following GK RB Wing Back Attack LB Wing Back Attack CB Central Defender Defend CB Central Defender Defend RCM Ball Winning Midfield Defend LCM Box To Box Midfield Support RAM Winger Support CAM Enganche Attack LAM Raumdeuter Attack STR Complete Forward Attack Team Shape Shape Structured Counter Normal Tempo Occasionally Time wasting Width Wide Defence Slightly Deeper Close down Sometimes Build up Clear Ball to both flanks Exploit both flanks Passing Mixed Direction Be more disciplined Attack Hit early Crosses both sides Shoot on sight dribble less stick to positions Currently sat 6th in thr PL half way through the season beat chelsea, Man utd and liverpool. the tactic its self could for sure use some tweaking but im not the best tactic creator in the world and this is doing the job i need for sunderland