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  1. I mean, actually I do have an earlier save game file but it's from the last day of the previous season (before the game updates, 24th-ish June 2021). I imagine that's too old, but let me know if you want it and I'll email it to you.
  2. Hi Marc, I'm sorry I don't have a save game from before it occurred (I use only one save game slot per season). I checked his contract page and he's not a player coach, just a normal player (although with "Key Player" squad status).
  3. I'm playing as a League One team in 2021. Danny Drinkwater has been released by Chelsea, and it's a bit of a stretch for me, but I really need a quality CM so I try signing him on a free. He says it will take a "lucrative offer" to sign him. Okay, so I put all of my transfer budget into wages, and offer him the very best deal I can, a one year deal on about £5k/pw and even a big club release clause. He turns me down, which would be totally fine, except he goes to Nuneaton in the Vanarama National, and they're paying him £875/pw. WTF?
  4. Alari, you may be right. I assumed it was part of the same problem, but it's only happened once, and the game autosaved beforehand (even without me having advanced time), so I didn't lose anything. Maybe just some aggressive memory management going on. I'll report back if it happens again, but I feel confident about it. BIG thumbs up, and congratulations on launching a new game! Joe
  5. Hi Alari, I bought the new game this morning. Looks great! I loaded up a new game and was half way through choosing my starting XI. I turned off the screen and went to make a coffee. When I sat down and turned my screen on again, I saw a familiar screen. I certainly got far further with this year's version than I did with 2016, 2015, or 2014, all of which crashed on start-up. So your fix for MIUI has certainly done something, but it isn't bulletproof. Let me know if I can help at all with debugging the problem.
  6. Thanks Alari, that's brilliant news. I look forward to the new game on Friday. I've been away for a couple of years. Back then it was called Football Manager Handheld, and now it's split into Touch and Mobile. Where can I read about the official differences between the two versions? My understanding (and tell me if I'm wrong) is that Touch is for tablets and Mobile is for smartphones. Is this purely a screen size thing? My phone (Xiaomi Mi Mix) is a phablet, with a 6.4" screen (closer to a 7" tablet than a "normal-size" smartphone). Which version would you recommend? Will I even
  7. That's great news Alari. With the new game being only 2 weeks away, I will just wait for that. Can you confirm that the new game will also work on Xiaomi MIUI devices? Thanks
  8. Brilliant, I actually don't have FMM 2017, and I have zero expectation that you will go back and patch 2016, so I wait with great anticipation for FMM 2018
  9. Hi Alari, thanks for the response. If the problem is with MIUI, is it possible that if I flash a custom ROM then the game will work? Also, if you are planning a fix for this year's game, and it comes after release, how am I best trying to find out about it? I doubt it will be in the new features list "now works on MIUI!". Joe Edit: I noticed that my phone autocorrected your name. I'm sure it happens all the time but I'm sorry all the same!
  10. Hello, I've just bought a Xiaomi Mi Mix, and I was looking forward to playing FMM on it. I downloaded last year's version, opened it up, and downloaded the player data, and the game doesn't work at all. Is there any fix for this? Is it a last-year-only problem, or would I have the same issue if I bought this year's game, or the new one I assume is coming this autumn? Thanks, Joe https://www.dropbox.com/s/1bqxzj9igk4b5lv/Screenshot_2017-07-19-20-22-41-302_com.miui.home.png?dl=0
  11. I was picking my team for a match, the first match of the season, so I didn't yet know my best XI. I went to my squad page and sorted by current ability, and started filling positions. Unfortunately my best right winger was right at the bottom of the list, with a current ability of 3 stars (all of my other starters and even bench players had at least 3.5 stars). However, I wanted to use him because one of my best players is a left winger and I wanted the balance he would provide. So I picked him in my team. I then checked my players morale. I gave a pep talk to players with morale of Okay or
  12. It's far more in depth than FMH. I have barely scratched the surface with it so far, but I think I'll be very happy. I just got a PS Vita for Christmas and I already owned loads of games because I am a PS Plus member. So I have played a whole bunch of other stuff the last few days, and today I am back at work. When I realised that this price is actually cheaper than FMH (which I bought in a heartbeat) I realised it was a no brainer. If anyone has a Vita I would strongly recommend at least trying FMC 2014 while it's at this price.
  13. Well, having read a review and watched a video review, I've decided to go ahead and buy it (although I haven't just yet because PSN is still offline due to the hackers). FMC 2014 is probably where FMH will be in about 5-8 years. And to honest the updated data is one of the least important things in a football game (everyone's at the wrong club within a couple of seasons anyway). If nothing else, I'm supporting SI with another few €€€. Speaking of which, does anyone have any idea approx how much of that €7.49 is going to SI and how much is Sony skimming off the top?
  14. Football Manager Classic 2014 is part of PlayStation's January Sale which started yesterday, down from €39.99 to €7.49 until 21st January 2015. I already own FMH 2015 for my tablet. Miles Jacobson has said that it is unlikely that SI will repeat a Classic release for Vita, hence my interest in buying last years game. My question is for anyone who owns FM Classic - is it worth grabbing at this price? Here are my questions: Is it possible to update data, transfers etc. to 2014/2015 data? (SI updates, fan patches, whatever?) Is the game a significant improvement over FMH 2015? (it's a year ol
  15. Okay, that's interesting. So what exactly is being processed? The only thing I can think of is that the processing simulates the whole of the rest of the match with those tactics, and then the clock ticks forward, showing you "what happened, as it happened", and so the remainder of the match has been "pre-destined", but you still have the ability to stop it, make changes, re-process the match, and change the outcome. Am I close? As an analogy, it's sort of like shuffling a deck of cards, and then turning them over one at a time. The order is random and yet pre-determined, but at any time you
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