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  1. Sounds way above my pay grade then
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to change the date of euro 2020 to 2021 using the editor or is it hard coded into the game? Same for the Copa America.
  3. I play epl, la liga, serie a, bundesliga, primeira liga and eredivisie. Any of those would be amazing
  4. I'd just like to say; if you were able to post real fixtures soon I'd place you on the list of Best Humans Ever somewhere between Ghandi and Lorraine Kelly.
  5. The changes were announced in November to come into place next season.
  6. Hi there, Just a quick question about the January update; will there be changes to the Scottish League Cup and also the introduction of the winter break?
  7. As I am a pedant, I always change Holland to the Netherlands before I start any game (sad I know.) I forgot to do it this game and was wondering if there was any way in which I could? Can't see anything in the in game editor and would have thought and change in the normal editor won't effect the started game. Any ideas?
  8. Was so focussed on trying to get value for money on a decent processor and memory, was about to buy a new laptop without checking the graphics card! I'm looking at an HP with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600. Is that sufficient to play the game on basic 3d setting?
  9. How much differnce is there between the U and M variants of the i5? The U is almost in every laptop I've looked at and the few with M have poorer features and memory.
  10. Am i just being thick but I can't find the option for setting a future retirement in the new editor?
  11. Sorry to ask another comparison to FMRTE questions, but will you be able to change league points? I always like to start a new game at the real life date i.e. the beginning of November with all the teams on their real points. Will this be possible?
  12. Dundee?!? Dundee are more likely to have Bobby Gauld in their starting 11.
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