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  1. - What the first post on this page linked to - great idea . - More interaction. For instace, being able to come out to the media and say you thought the ref's performance in the last match was shocking. - Testemonials, like Eugene Tyson said. - Being able to be a interim/caretaker manager (like Joe Kinnear at Newcastle last year) - Friendlies to be played at a neutral ground, for instance Chelsea vs. Inter in America - The ability to set up training camps during a period of time when your team doesn't play for a couple of weeks, or a week, or during the post/pre-season. - Many more, but I can't think of the top of my head, wehn I don, I'll edit the post.
  2. I suppose you're right, I had just always wondered. I thought it may be some weird copyright or some other strange reason, but I'm glad it's been cleared up a bit.
  3. I suppose, also Villa, United and City (Various clubs)
  4. Yeah, I agree that Liverpool don't have any alternate nicknames but as you said, The Reds is hardly unique. And, apart from Wolves, I don't really know any teams that are commonly referred to by their nickname(s).
  5. I suppose, but the same could apply to Wolves (Wolves), Liverpool (Reds) and Chelsea (Blues).
  6. Hmm, I get the nickname but I just wonder why they include it on the game instead of the more common nicknames of Forest or The Reds.
  7. Well obviously but I've rarely heard them referred to as the Tricky Trees. Wikipedia does state their nicknames are Forest, The Reds and Tricky Trees but out of all of these to be put in the game I thought they would have put the most commonly referred one in. If there is any Forest fans on the forums maybe you could shed some light on this subject.
  8. I haven't checked this years game, but in the last few games Nottingham Forest have been known as the Tricky Trees. Can anyone explain why, because I've always known Forest to be the Reds or Forest.
  9. Mika Aaritalo was great in '08 for anyone in Championship/League One even League Two and was a steal at 45k. I'm sure he had/has a brother. Anyone know if he does?
  10. Gawd knows where Samba is, wonder if Liverpool still want him. Ashikodi is now playing for Kettering. Cherno Samba/Moses Ashikodi = The reason I never get excited once someone says Millwall have a good product coming through the academy.
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