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  1. i understand your point, but to me it's a poorly programmed tool, having functions that don't function properly and giving the tool to public, makes no sense to me, but, it's expected from SI.
  2. if you're right, why release it to public then?
  3. just created FMF for cut out megapack, and it doesn't works so i guess the damn resource creator has a limit on files, damn thing
  4. well, i've decided to do it, there are packs with 200 thousand files, i think my hdd will thank me for this process anyway, SI should implement a fix to the tool
  5. it has multiple folders inside, each with is own xml. i've tested on 1 single folder, and it seems to work. so no multiple folders supported?
  6. I've decided to transform my gazilion graphics files into an FMF file using fm14 resource archiver. the thing is, the game doesn't loads the file can anyone help? what's the trick on this? we can create files but then can't use them?
  7. another disappointment of a patch, so much time to fix so few things?!? i expected more from a market leader, all issues reported continue after 2 so called patches, and you give us minor fixes, and no engine updates, what the hell to the devs do 8 hours a day, grrr.
  8. damn, i've raised two bugs, and NONE got fixed, and also there are tons of complaints about the 14.2 engine and also no fix at all. very disappointed
  9. c'est vrai. My attempt to help was that with that guy focusing on mounting traps to catch the buggers, you could focus on development.
  10. looks like you need a beta tester to help you catch those bugs before release, nope, not me, someone you know and trust not to leak it.
  11. This is a horrible ME, damn, how can an update make things worse??? cmon it's ridiculous the amount of goals i (and my network mates) suffer from controlled balls in the GK, he just freaking stupidly passes it to the opponent striker just outside the area, what the hell is this!??! the game is so unrealistic, it's like an arcade riping you off more coins. it must be the damn gk distribution bug all over again, he either sees the opponent as a teammate, or wants to pass to some defender and ignores the opponent is in the line of pass, ridiculous.
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