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  1. Two I can remember from CM01/02 Alexander Farnerud - AM/F-LRC - Another Swede who was a brillant winger for my Newcastle team and Sweden. Now plays for Brondby in Denmark after winning the German League with Stuttgart in 06/07. Has also played for the weden side in real life. Bojan Djordjic- AMC - Awesome player who replaced Veron in one of my games scoring 33 goals in a season. Currently plays for AIK after not getting enough games at Pymouth. Charles Andre-Doudin last played for a club in 2006 and is only 23?
  2. The rules basically restrict the age of players you can sign and a few other points.
  3. Earlier today (10th November) I came across the Glenn Hoddle Academy challenge that saint_clark tried to start. After reading through it I decided that seemed quite interesting. Unfortunately he never got around to starting it so I thought I might try it. Then noticing an exchange between PaulHartman and M12..... about whether or not the team should be in Spain or England my mind started to churn. Aided by a long bus ride the idea developed that rather than having the Glenn Hoddle Academy in England/Spain why not have an Academy based in every European country? Any one participating would have to follow a modified version of the rules that saint_clark developed for his challenge. I will create a database that will be made available for anyone to download with a number of Academies. Each Academy would start in the lowest playable league in its country (with a few exceptions) and they would almost identical, with the only differences being names, kits etc. The challengers would be able to pick any Academy they wanted to with the aim of creating a footballing tour de force. Each Academy will have similar staff and facilities as well. The main measurement of the challenger’s success will be the amount of cash they receive in transfer fees from their player sales with bonuses given for success in competitions. At the moment I would like to see if anyone would be interested in actually playing this before I start the task of creating the DB. I will start on the rules tonight as they aren’t too hard to come up with and I already have a framework.
  4. If I remember rightly something similar has been tried before and didn't do very well. I can't remember what its called though. It could work this time round though.
  5. I don't think theres a way to look at your album from that photo. I also copied and pasted the address into google and nothing came up.
  6. In all likelyhood you will get a lot of interest in this so you will either be able to pick the people you feel are most likely to follow the sign up constantly or to get a long reserve list to easily replace the person who is not checking in. As its the person at the bottom of the league I say they lose it. Its in their interests to check in as they have the most to gain but its up to you. You could try running a test season first to see what happens.
  7. I like the idea of the top trumps game. Another way of getting round the screenshot problem that tomsmith mentions is to attach the photos to emails which you would have directly uploaded via your computer so theres no chance of cheating. This also should ensure that the people involved would be unlikely to forget about the sign up as they would most likely check their emails often. Edit: I just tried with that photo and I couldn't work out a way to get to others so it could work.
  8. I looked at google maps and Coventry looked the closest but I may have overlooked Nuneaton.
  9. Although I'm sure Fiat own Ferrari as well. Coventry colud also be Aston Martin but you could use Birmingham for more variety.
  10. You can add Juventus and Torino to that list as Fiat is based in Turin. Seems like quite a good idea.
  11. It could work for the first time round for the 2 initial Sith with the one with the highest ambition becoming the master but after that it follows the ways of the Sith laid down in the games and novels (Apprentice becomes master/Master picks new Apprentice)
  12. I like the idea of Dark Aligned players being more aggressive and dirty as it would make it slightly easier to discover the Sith and gives it some base rather than making it pure guess work. I really like your idea on the Jedi slowly falling to the Dark side if they are falsely accused as it goes very well with my idea for it. My idea was based on the Alignment. If a person was falsly accused had an Dark or Neutral alignment then they would leave the order and become a "hermit" and would not be allowed to be in the Council. If they were light sided then nothing would happen as a light person would accept it as normal. However I now may combine this with your idea of falling towards the dark side. Anyone falsely accused would lose a point of their alignment scale. Anyone who slid into the dark side or neutrality will leave the order while a Jedi will stay but will not be allowed to join the Council next time round. Serving on the Council will increase the person's scale (unless they are Sith). This though, like the whole thing still, needs to be fined tuned. Its also not very well explained but hopefully you can get the jist of it.
  13. You should do which ever one you prefer. You can always hold the other one back until the first one has finished. I didn't even consider that if I'm honest I was just going to go off the quiz results.
  14. I was playing on KOTOR yesterday morning and the idea dawned on me for a sign up. This is just a basic outline as the actual sign up will be slightly more complex (Lol reading it this may be complex enough). Huge apologies as this is quite long. I have tried to break it down slightly. Star Wars - Jedi vs Sith Sign Up The basic idea involves everyone being Jedi trying to root out two Sith among them. The sign up will end when either there are no more Jedi or no more naturally Dark people for the Sith to recruit from. This involves a number of users signing up using a basic form. They will all have 80 CA and 200 PA (with 3 exceptions) and would all have to take a small quiz, that I will make up, to determine their natural alignment (Dark, Light, Neutral). Then I will run a training period (one season ran separately to main game). Using a very basic scoring system I will then decide who lies where. This is where it gets a little more complex. The person with the highest score and the darkest alignment will become the Sith Master (I will tell him through PM), and will pick an Apprentice from the other dark players. Whilst the highest scoring person with a light alignment will become the star Jedi. Thats a rough very basic outline. There is a huge 1,300 word full outline which I will PM to anyone that wants to know more. (PM me for it) The small part above mentions a few things that are explained in the full one though. (It is pretty long and complex so I don't want to post it in here.) I may run this if there is enough interest alongside my other sign up but my other sign up will have priority, so this may be on hold at times if I go forward with it. * The is a limit on the number of chars a PM can contain so the idea PM will come in 4 parts.*
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