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  1. Finally decided to buy FM11 and I'm going to give this ago.Just waiting for the patch to download.
  2. blowcrapup

    Okay, so you have just won the lottery jackpot...

    A Koenigsegg CCX. I saw it on Top Gear when the Stig ran it off the road and fell in love.
  3. blowcrapup

    claiming from the dentist

    All you will do then is push his premium up but he may get off if it wasn't his fault that the paper was the wrong one.
  4. blowcrapup

    claiming from the dentist

    The dentist will probs have insurance so sue him. (I'll have a 10% finders fee for suggesting it) Plus how the f**k can you remove the wrong tooth if your after a wisdom tooth? The wisdom teeth grow right at the back. :S
  5. blowcrapup

    Ridiculous Facebook status updates

    The TV licence one seems to have been hacked by a Gay Porn Site.
  6. blowcrapup

    Singles Thread - keeping it in the family since 2012

    Hotmail wouldn't allow me to have blowsh*tup. It's starting to get annoying now as too many sites refuse to allow it.
  7. blowcrapup

    Singles Thread - keeping it in the family since 2012

    After being single since January I've decided to get back in the game. Signed up for plenty of fish but it looks like all the girls around me are a abit chavvy but I'll see what happens.
  8. blowcrapup

    Greatest Liar Ever?

    At least he didn't find two girls one cup.
  9. blowcrapup

    Online Surveys

    I made about £30 in 3 to 6 months doing them on one site but then they got crap and I was having to lie far too much e.g. pretending I was a fat 40+ Woman who dieted constantly. This is the one I used - Linky. Like people say set up a fake email and make up any other details they want from you. You will need a paypal account though if you want cash.
  10. blowcrapup

    Make Mine Rare III - The World Cup

    Damn it I read question 5 wrong as well at least I wasn't at the very back. As for number IV how about actor/actresses that have made guest appearences in shows?
  11. blowcrapup

    Happy Weekend! (inc Suns!!)

    Today: Nothing until later when I'm off to a friend house for drink and films. Tomorrow: Recover and try and get my final essay finished so I can hand it in Monday. I may also try and start packing my room up to go home but I can't see it happening.
  12. blowcrapup

    Cooking chicken breasts

    Reggae Reggae sauce (either brown or red doesn't matter), bacon and cheese melted over the top.
  13. blowcrapup

    Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  14. I do Film Studies and Creative Writing. For the Creative Writing part of it at first you do stuff like Professional Writing and basic story writing. You then can go onto doing things for Journalism like writing news articles/features/travel articles as well as further story writing such as humour writing. This year I wrote the start of a Novel and I'm about to start writing the start of a screenplay for a sitcom. There are also modules availible on poetry and stuff but I don't know what they are like. This is all at Wolves Uni mind so it could be vastly differnet else where.
  15. blowcrapup

    How you meant to feel when someone dies?

    Last year I had two people in the family die. Weirdly I cried most of the way through my mam's boyfriends funeral despite not being that close to him but I didn't cry at my Grandad's funeral despite being fairly close to him when I was younger. I only welled up at the end when my nan reached out to touch my Grandads coffin. I suppose it could have been because the BF's death was sudden while with my Grandad although he did go fast we still knew about it for about a month before hand. Like people have said you just have to go with what happens and not feel bad if you don't feel anything. Theres nothing to say that you won't one day wake up and remember something good about that person and feel sad for a while.