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  1. Thanks for all the replies on this. I ended up selling my back up right winger, and promoted my youth prospect to be the back up. First choice ended up at the Olympics and then got injured shortly after coming back so I have given the youth guy quite a few starts already. He has done pretty well so far, and is often my top trainer of the week too, so its looking good.
  2. Ah yeah cheers, quite a simple solution - didn't think of that!
  3. Ok, so I have a big prospect in my youth team who has just turned 17 in the game. He came through in one of my youth intakes and has developed very nicely into the youth team to the point where he is now better than my current back up right winger. So my question is, if this was your player what would you do - would you leave him in the youth team where he has already developed well for one more season until he turns 18 or would you chuck him into the first team at this point and give him a decent amount of first team football as back up player? The official line suggests training is more important than game time when for players under 18 but would using him in the first team and having him train with first team players actually hinder his development?
  4. Well, I increased my youth recruitment range and have had my first batch of youth players since, and I have to say I'm pretty disapointed. I'm managing Stockport County and previously a large chunk of my intake was from Stockport, with the rest from nearby (Manchester etc). This time my stand out player was Croatian (although he has dual nationality English) and the rest seem to be from all over the UK. To make matters worse first impressions are its not an especially strong intake with only the Croatian bloke looking like he might end up good enough to break through. I've asked the board to cut back youth recruitment a couple of times since but they just say no, so looks like I am stuck at this level now. Hopefully I will get more lucky with future intakes.
  5. Ok cheers, that is what I thought it might mean. I take it you would still recommend increasing it then? Should still get some players local to my club and hopefully better standard ones too?
  6. Was wondering what affect increasing the youth recruitment level for my team will have? I always prefer to bring through youth players who are local to the club I am managing and I suspect that increasing this will have the affect of giving me a youth intake from a wider range of places, albeit with a better standard of player?
  7. This is the best tactic I have come across so far, it has probably saved me from giving up on Football Manager 09. Managing OB in the Danish league I am currently 3rd (media prediction 4th) with 4 games left to go, but am still very much in with a shout of the title. Also have reached the final of the domestic cup and got to the 1st knock out round of the UEFA, beating Sevilla over 2 legs to qualify for the group stages and then finishing 3rd in a group containing Everton, Wolfsburg, AEK Athens and Ajax. In the end we went out 7-4 on aggregate to Udinese. Plus, due to a high wage bill at the start of the game, all this has been done with the initial squad, with Thomas Graveson on a free transfer being my only signing. Can't wait until the new season now so i can finally try and bring in some more players to fit in with the tactics. Thanks again, great tactics.
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