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  1. Yes as i said, marcelo's version. Some minor changes for the wingers only, such as Nani/Young cutting inside from left flank and Valencia/Willian goes wide and cross from the right side. Also I unchecked the playmaker as i thought to much of the play went in the middle and that this to many times led to med getting a counter attack against me.
  2. Patch 12.2.2. I wouldn't say it relays on corners, about 20% of the goals comes from corners. Honestly didn't think it was that much, 29 out of 123 from corners so far this season.
  3. Must say you came up with a very nice tactic here. I'm currently on a run with the marcelo tweaked version playing as Man U. I have made only small changes to fit in with my players. It's kinda ridicules how easy the game is when you play with a top team, Hernández scoring over 100 goals in a season is just boring Going to finish my second season and then go for a test with a lower league team.
  4. I'll try it out with Arsenal, starting second season now. May not have the right players for i but we'll see how it works out ^^ Think I'm going with the attack version for home games and standard for away games. For the wingers, walcott/nasri .... do they lack to much defensive skills? squad:
  5. I really enjoy this tactic, played a season now from start to end and the results where impressive, although i play with a top team i performs better than other tactics i have tested. My tweaks so far: Fullbacks set to normal tackling, cross ball sometimes. AMR/AML set to run with ball often. Forward unticked hold up ball and through balls sometimes. Working for me, but i suggest you tweak to fit your players ability's. Also i changed around a bit with defensive set pieces, half of my conceded goals were from defensive set pieces, especially corners were a nightmare.
  6. I lost away to wolves playing as Arsenal, i still say this is by far the best tactic atm! The tactic isn't everything, a good tactic optimize your chances of success. Your not guaranteed to win.
  7. Used this tactics for about 10 games now with Arsenal. Must say that it is really impressive! My record is W9 D1, the draw came after i had a man sent of early and they scored from a penalty. Possession is crazy, my average possession is about 65%, some games against weaker teams i have had up to 80% possession! I'm in to my third season so i have a great team but no other tactic i have tried has given these consistent results and beautiful game to watch. So, great work and a really nice opening post!
  8. Kimz: Do you use any particular training schedule ? I'm having troubles half way in to my second season with arsenal so i thought i have a go with this for the rest of the season and see what happens =) I've used my own asymmetric 4-2-3-1 tactic since the start of first season and won everything except CL first season, but now nothing seems to work. I have a lot of retraining for player positions to do ^^
  9. YES IT DOES! Just downloaded and re-uploaded it for you. http://www.filefront.com/15252375/DeadlyDevices-GoopleVersion1.tac
  10. Good Luck, try alternate with the striker role and see what works best for you. Ja.
  11. First off all this tactic is a work in progress (WIP) and can not be thought of as a tactic that will work with all teams or in all leagues. This thread is started in focus of developing the tactic and making it better to use for everyone who likes to play this type of formation. I have done small tests (half season) in Swedish Allsvenskan with AIK and Italy Serie B with Modena. So far i the results have been good. At the moment I'm testing with a world class team, Barcelona. My goal is to create a tactic that works for most teams and leagues, home and away, just by changing starting strategy and philosophy. Now the tactic. Formation Team Instructions Overall just use your good sense on what type of player to use in what position. I always start the game using control strategy. Most games I feel that I am in control and don't change it, for some matches when the opponent start to put my team under pressure I will switch to standard at home and counter/defensive away. I have tried different setups for the striker, if you have a forward that can handle to play complete forward that would be my recommendation. Team talk is another thing I don't feel comfortable with, often I don't know what to say so i go with silence instead of messing thing's up. Also corner/free kick situations needs to be improved. Any suggestions regarding the striker role, team talks and corner/free kick situations would be appreciated. Lately I have used the following OI's with som success: Put DR/DL and and wide midfielders on closing down always. Show DR on to left fott, DL on to right foot. Have a go with it and report back if you find any solutions to weakness in the tactic. (or if you just want to say it's another rubbish tactic ) Download Link LoboWIP_4-2-3-1_v1.0 (zshare) LoboWIP_4-2-3-1_v1.0 (filefront) And yes, it's made withe the latest patch. Over and out!
  12. Very nice opening post. I will have a go with it with my Inter save, I'm at the end of second season and for some reason my 4-1-3-2 tactic has gone from bad to worse. After the club got a new owner they gave me a lot of money to spend, so i went bananas on the transfermarket between seasons and bought me some great central midfielders. So i think i have the players to play this formation, let's see how it works for a world class team First match will be at home against Sampdoria. Do you use the shouts from the start of the game when drawing 0-0? Do you set a playmaker or/and target man? Any suggestions on teamtalks and OI's? Cheers!
  13. First of all thank you for a well build tactic. I have had some good result with this tactic playing as Barcelona (I know top team, but my first save was catastrophic using my own tactic) I to feel that the defense is what needs to be worked with, i don't let the opponent to many chances but the few they get are ccc's that they often score ;/ Fore my last five matches i have tweaked as follow: * Lowered D-line three notches * Lowered DC's mentality by three notches * DC's hard tackle * DC's closing down lowered by four notches * Start matches with rigid philosophy * Set play offside to no Squad/Starting eleven: Fixtures: Best performances: After my demo run with Barca I'll have a go with a Swedish team and see how that works out ^^ I'll report back later if I find anything useful to this tactic Over and out!
  14. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=106245 Happy reading =)
  15. W-M without a doubt, and the most fun to play