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  1. Works a charm mate. In the defence of the title we've been done over by injuries (my playmaker and goalscorer both tore their hamstrings) but were top until the playmaker got crocked. Still within touching distance of the leaders but not as consistent as we were before. Despite this we have by far the best defensive record in the league. Whether that's due to an improving young goalkeeper or a stable defence who have played together for the best part of 18 months now, I don't know, but we tend to dominate possession and chances and no longer let in the few chances we concede. Having more tro
  2. I'm using Dave Byrd's version, as linked here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/376223-FM-14.1.4-•-•-•-MiNiMaL_FuSS-FuSSination-1.0-4-1-2-2-1-•-•-•?p=9297417&viewfull=1#post9297417
  3. Bump. (NB - using Dave Byrd's original version 'Valentino') Well, I've had struggles with this tactic (just see a few posts previous) but I tell you what it is absolutely worth sticking with - once you have the right players, along with a settled team (particularly defence) it is unreal. After 5 successive 5th place finishes, we stormed the league in my 7th season, won the Europa League for the 2nd time and lost in the FA Cup final. Also went on a ridiculous 19 match winning run, and 25 unbeaten. I had, on paper, probably the 4th/5th best side in the division albeit with a world class playm
  4. Ok, had to bump this. Someone please explain this to me. England. Brendan Rogers is manager. He favours a 4-1-2-2-1 formation and tends to pick three wingers - these are usually Chamberlain, Sterling and Zaha/Ince. My winger - Callum McManaman - has been overlooked for the last five years despite consistently performing excellently for me, culminating in five successive 5th placed finishes. Now given, on paper (ie, CA-wise) he is indeed weaker than those four - fair enough. I find it silly that he's never so much as given a chance, not even for meaningless friendlies, but meh, I can at least
  5. Sorry, been away. @CityAndColour - not a regular occurrence, thankfully, and after these qualifiers he did recall Shaw as well as my in-form left-back, dropping both of these two left-backs. @Baptista8 - I've had a similar thing with my winger, McManamanan. Now in all fairness, CA-wise, he's probably not in the top 4-5 wingers for his country. But he's been in sensational form for me, and ended the season as our best player with 12 goals and 18 assists from the wing. Yet every single international weekend Sterling (rarely plays for Man City), Chamberlain (used mainly as super-sub for Arsenal
  6. Not a complaint, but just found this very curious. Luke Shaw and Kieron Gibbs have been the England left-backs for the last year or so. Last summer Arsenal splashed out on Shaw (4.5* CA), and this season he has featured in all but 2 games, scoring a pretty good average rating of 7.22. Gibbs (2.5* CA) however has been relegated to the bench, and had made just 3 appearances all season - all from the bench - averaging 6.80. So I am absolutely baffled that the manager has now decided to drop the in-form, far superior Luke Shaw and instead pick the inferior Gibbs who has barely played all season
  7. 'Mate', I'm a fair few seasons in now and have one of the stronger squads in the division after successive 5th place finishes. Cheers for the utterly useless advice.
  8. I don't know what's happened but we've lost all ability to create an actual chance, let alone score. Just played the bottom team in the division, at home, and didn't muster a single attempt on target. It's unbelievably frustrating.
  9. Seems incredibly knee-jerk though, not that that doesn't happen on a regular basis in reality. Just seems odd to be sacked so soon, mid-way through what must be one of their most successful qualifying campaigns ever. A few disappointing performances and suddenly the WC qualifying is irrelevant. Just seems a bit off for me. Guess I'm just not used to the South American international system (major continental tournament mid-way through WCQs).
  10. I know the recent patch has upped the sacking in international managers, but this seems farcical. I took over Uruguay in September 2015. Won 8 of my first 9 games (the loss a friendly to Germany) including beating Argentina. This is where we are in CONMEBOL qualifying: So then we go to Copa America, and for whatever reason struggle to find the net and go out in the group stages on goal difference after three draws. And I get sacked, just 11 months after taking over. Does that seem fair/reasonable/realistic?
  11. We're a Premierleague squad so £4.5k is lower than pretty much any player in the first team squad. I think I have just found out the reason though. The four players I had sign pre-contracts with weren't taken into account until *later* on July 1st so now we're pretty close to the wage budget. Makes sense, I guess. Thanks anyway.
  12. Hi, Currently in July, have spent the majority of my transfer budget already but had a fair bit for wages left. After all those who were out of contract left this wage budget increased to just under £74k - but the board still won't let me spend more than £4.5k on a 'key player' and significantly less on lower brackets, meaning it's impossible for meto bring in any new staff, free agents or loans that I've been eyeing up. Is there a logical reason for this or is it a bug? Thanks... Edit: Now solved.
  13. Don't know what to say. Was going well for quite a while but in early Feb we had a few poor results, a bit of bad luck and then just completely fell apart. The same players, in the same tactic, yet just suddenly utterly inept. Gone from scoring for fun but leaking like a sieve, to losing confidence and struggling to put away our chances, to simply being utterly incapable of even creating any chances. Just watched one of the most tedious games ever where we drew 0-0 against the worst team in the division after having just two shots on goal all match (and about 10 half-hearted efforts that were
  14. I just. I can't. No words. Not exaggerating even slightly - this happens every single game. My 'keeper concedes 2-3 goals per every save he makes. That's absurd. Absolutely absurd. And it's not like he's a bad 'keeper. He's one of the best in the division. Yet on this game he's utterly inept. The quality of the chances must also be a big factor. But he should at least save some. As an example, here are my last six games: L Doncaster 3-4 -> 6 shots on target. W Barnsley 4-3 -> 3 shots on target. L Blackpool 0-2 -> 2 shots on target. W N.Forest 3-2 -> 3 shots on target. D Blac
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