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  1. As mentioned, low shots weren't working. See what happens when they lift one slightly
  2. De Bruyne doing a di Maria. Did the linesman seriously flag for that USA miss? I completely missed that.
  3. USA to nick it I reckon, Belgium very poor in the final third. Stop shooting every time de Bruyne please
  4. Gekas I know he's had a couple of unlucky bounces but he just looks rubbish. Nailed on to score the winner now probably
  5. Greece so jammy, will they actually attack now to try and win it? That missed handball looks a bit more important.
  6. As I'm watching Mexico is a second Cameroon goal possible as that'll do the job as well. Never mind, 4-1
  7. Foster just ruins watching the game. Stop coaching and actually commentate. Echo your sentiments on the performance, wrong game to be poorest on the ball. Overall, Oar a major negative, not that I rated him that much anyway and slightly disappointed with Ryan as well. Spiranovic and Wilkinson pretty good. Davidson had an unusual time of it, talked up a fair bit and pretty good going forward but is arguably at fault for about half the goals. Still, I went in expecting no points; we got that but better performances than I thought mostly. The Asian cup should be a real target and a smoother 2018 qualification. Very important that the younger guys make sensible career moves both in terms of time and destination, rather than chase the cash first chance they get. See Rogic, Tom.
  8. Portugal are awful. Just the lazy 5 offside there
  9. thanks all. Gathered that when he came on and went left, commentator described him as a striker
  10. Confess I'm largely ignorant about Varela but being behind Eder inthe pecking order is not a great sign
  11. Eder making an 'impression' certainly. Should have brought Bebe. Wow. Great hit
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