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  1. If the AMC is a playmaker and drops deeper he’ll get the ball more and have more space to work in, especially if he can turn and either run at defenders or play through balls. It’s worked well for me in a 4231 before.
  2. Enjoyed reading this. Pity you stopped.
  3. Just have the AMC as playmaker and maybe the trait “comes deeper for ball” may be a useful addition
  4. I can’t find stats such as passing % or tackling % so these definitely need to be added. I’ve look everywhere and they seem a glaring omission as they are vital to the game.
  5. That’s a great suggestion.... and the wife is after a new laptop so will make that suggestion and then steal it from her. Good man.
  6. I all, so far I’m loving this years Touch, however I can’t find basic stats like players passing %....tackling %.... There IS “interceptions per 90 mins” but I can’t find the ones I mentioned above. I cant see why they’d have one in but not the others which are more fundamental and critical when doing end of season player reviews etc.... Plus they display these stats in-game so surely they are somewhere... Are these stats available anywhere?
  7. I wish this was an option on IPads. Most iPads nowadays can easily handle more than 3 leagues so please let us have the option as 3 is too limiting.
  8. Well.... it's been an interesting second half of season 1 with Auxerre thus far. Going into the winter break I was in third and going great, dominating teams. Panicking it was going TOO well (I don't want to go up in season 1) I changed the formation from my favoured 4-3-3 to a 4-2-3-1 and have some youngsters more playing time (partly due to injury and suspensions. We have really struggled and slid down the table to 10th. I changed back to a 4-3-3 but I think the players have gotten used to losing and eventually reverted to the 4-2-3-1 again with a few tweaks and we are back in the right direction. With 6 games left I have no chance of the playoffs (7th but 10 points behind 6th place). Florian Aye has 19 goals and Adam Ba has been fantastic (when not injured). I promoted Fumu Tamuzo to the first team after the winter break and he's responded well by notching 5 assists in 7 games. I've made a few signing who will join us when their contracts expire in June, including two centrebacks and a new left back to replace Boto who is always suspended by getting a yellow card in every game!!
  9. Just about to log on so will check him out, thanks.
  10. He's a good player. Very frustrating as misses some sitters but hopefully his scoring continues. He's stuck up a great relationship with Ba, the left winger. Having trouble getting a consist threat from the right wing though. I'm currently on a 10 game unbeaten run.
  11. Hi all. Being a Nottingham Forest fan I can remember the 90's when we played Auxerre in the European Cup. How the mighty fall!! Having never had a save in France before I decided to restore Auxerre back to the top league where they belong. After 14 games I am currently in 4th position; 9 points behind leaders Stade Brestois 28. My 4-3-3 is working well and is defensively solid having conceded only 12 goals thus far. Florian Aye has scored 10 goals in 13 games. Not sure I want to get promoted in the first season but if it happens I won't complain.
  12. From my limited Roma knowledge Di Rossi is definitely a DLP. He sits back and sprays passes around whilst protecting the defence. Pjanic could be changed to a CM(A).
  13. I've read a lot of those moneyball rules in the Lyon article on Swissramble and tried to follow them myself. Will be following with interest.
  14. PLEASE do the Dutch Jupiler league. This is the best mod there is. Adds a great personal touch to games.
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