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  1. Just read the post above regarding Caceres. Criscito has just signed new contract and satacroce won't join. I think I may go for Leo from Gremio.... what do you reckon? As for the left back - Traore is sitting in Arsenals reserve squad so I might see what I can get him for
  2. I'm currently playing with Sampdoria going into my second season. I am looking for a new central defender and a new left back .... budget is a combined £20 Mil... Tried to get sakho but PSG want 37.5m Tried to get pastpathououdfjskd from Genoa but they're holding out for 15m Any thoughts????
  3. [FM09] The Rise of Cowdenbeath

    Well done on staying up.... this is a good read
  4. FM09: The Official Paris Saint-Germain Thread

    So finished my second season just now. finished top by 8 pts. LOSC were second and Caen were third which was v. surprising!!!! As I mentioned above I was struggling to keep sakho, he agreed to join Man Utd. at the end of his contract. So now I'm faced with a dilemma and a half...... do I play Camara and N'Koulou together? like they have since sakho proved his disloyalty. or Go for someone else? maybe Kompany or Ignashevich who are available. I have got a regen who is 16 who is looking pretty swish, AssMan says ''leading ligue 1 CB for the future'' Aside from this problem I had some great luck in January, signing Van Der Vaart, Arshavin and Fiorillo so I am pretty strong going forward and have decent back up GK:Landreau/Fiorillo RB:Cerea/Belletti LB:Kolorov CB:Camara/Bourillon CB:N'koulou/?????? MC:Van Der Vaart/Feghouli MC:Sankhare/Veloso AMR:Saivet/Belletti AML:Ba/Fleck AMC:Arshavin/Van Der Vaart ST:Sturridge/Bolli/Saivet I think it's shaping up nicely.... any thoughts???
  5. FM09: The Official Paris Saint-Germain Thread

    2.5 million for feghouli plus a fringe player worth 200k Chretien good recommendation, thanks.
  6. FM09: The Official Paris Saint-Germain Thread

    Just began my second season with PSG. Finished 2nd behind Marseille by 1pt. Had a few issues against smaller clubs which was really annoying. However, I'm having a lot of joy playing a 4-1-2-3. I bought Demba Ba from hoffenheim, who was really good wide left, for 5 mil and had interest from Chelsea, Juve and AC over the summer. I am expecting to lose Sakho as he wants to leave because I rejected an offer from Arsenal. How can I keep hold of him? I brought in Veloso,Sturridge,feghouli and John Fleck for this season so hopefully I can have a good run in the C/L and go one better with regards to the league I'm looking for a new right back- any recommendations?