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  1. it was created by me... but from what ive been reading United get taken over round about 2024 on a few saves...glazers must of had enough
  2. Got a Man Utd Tycoon Save dated 1st Sept 2018 .... Only Playing English National league and above so would have to add leagues... Just retire me from game and takeover... http://www.mediafire.com/file/j8biz8by2z6dxdu/Man_Utd_Tycoon_Sept18.fm/file
  3. Hi all, quick question , Im playing as Southampton and signed Ross Barkley but I promised him I would play him in his preffered position...thing is I cant remember what that position is and now he is unhappy promise wasn't kept ...How can I find out what his preffered position was ie CM as deep lying playmaker???
  4. I'm sort of having one at Middlesbrough season 21/22 , came up in news feed as rumours of a possible consortium takeover , I look on club screen and it says "in process of a board takeover" but I have had no transfer imbargo put in place or anything so I don't know if I am or not!
  5. It goes on the head to head between the two clubs
  6. ive sorted it! i plugged my laptop into my desktops monitor and i was able to change screen resolution enough to be able to see exit button at bottom!
  7. Ive even tried reducing text size to 85% Someone Help!
  8. Hi ! I dont know if im in the right forum here but here goes: I have just played my first season with Coventry and won the league , Im into june 2016 and I was holding team meeting but I cannot continue because there is only half the meeting shown(see pic) I cannot scroll any further down , ive tried changing to windowed mode and what not! https://gyazo.com/5d3cf13f86443305e0be1c219ef9fc1b I cant get past this as its a must respond! please help as i was really enjoying save!!!!
  9. Thanks , just hope his former club don't want him back !
  10. Hi One of my players has a option from his last team to buy back for £40 million , he's now worth £48 million , how long does this option last for? And if I offer new contract does it end the option ?
  11. Hi Im currently just into my second season and I have noticed that I have not scored from a Goalmouth Scramble , The oppositions defence always seem to clear the ball or goalkeeper saves it! Surely this cant be right , I mean you would expect to score a few goals from this situation over the season Has anyone else found this????
  12. yes sorry I can use my current OS and monitor and things!
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