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  1. Having played the full game for years, and then got out of the way of it more recently, I'm looking to get back into it with Touch or Mobile this year, but I'm out of touch - what is the differences/benefits between Touch and Mobile?
  2. Not handy to my game at the minute to give proper details but I'm in January in my first season with United. Prompted TFM to the first team right from the start and he's been getting a fair bit of game time and coming on well Rashford has really started to find his feet from November on and is second top scorer behind Ibra Some amount of deadwood in the squad to get rid of! Rafinha and Lemos were amongst my new signings in the summer transfer window and both have been good additions
  3. Have always had a great fondness of Ajax, and have intended to start a game on FM with them sometime soon. Excellent stuff on this thread guys
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