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  1. Some players showing this kind of progress using the suggested training. Any reasons for this? Also, is it normal for players to voice displeasure about the training at times. I have seen some with downwards determination in particular.
  2. Anyone have a solution to this? It is really bugging me!
  3. HI, absoloutely love these. However, during Champions League games I am only seeing the red Nissan video ad on a loop. I'm sure there are more in the pack. Why is it stuck on Nissan? Can anyone help?
  4. Will do that now. Is called Rangers (v03).fm Thanks
  5. Two issues here. 1. The constant playing of games with only a day in between. 2. Eleven players away on international duty for a league game and no option to request a postponement. Is this is a bug?
  6. Sorry, could you signpost me to a 4141 you mention? With Man marking
  7. Having a lot of success with a BEOWULF tactic on my Rangers save. However, I am struggling to get past the round of 16 in the Champions League against the giants. Sorry if its been covered before but can anyone recommend a tactic that might suit these types of games?
  8. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - Stadium condition 'good'. That is surely an error?
  9. Can I ask what actions you take on the pre match tactical briefing? Do you skip/leave to assistant?
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