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  1. Three extremely stupid questions for any tactics gurus out there! 1-Does balance matter? If I play a AML but not an AMR and set instructions to focus passing down the right flank will this muck up the balance of my side? 2-Does width matter at all? At the moment I'm playing 4-1-3-2 with instructions set to narrow. It's working very well but should I get the fullbacks to push up or will this expose my defence? 3-I want to retrain Arshavin to MC-he can play AMC, AMR, AML, MR and ML and is accomplished at them all apart from AMC where he is a natural. However he is inneffectual at MC and 3 mon
  2. If you feel your tactics are failing completely and want to overhaul it all during midseason, will players find it tricky to adapt or can they switch pretty seamlessly? Thanks for your help
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