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  1. Christophe Revault at PSG on CM97/98 is my favourite keeper of all time. I had him at Blackburn on that game and he basically won the CL semi final for me, keeping Inter out when they were absolutely battering me. Special mentions to Oskarsson, Jesper Hakansson, Tommy Svindal Larsen and Kennedy Bakircioglu. I also had Romario at Milan on CM Italia who was amazing and Emmanuel Olisadebe, not sure which year but he was at Panathinaikos - he was a legend for me.
  2. I've also had this problem after installing the Nuu skin but with the normal FM skin. The only bit I've noticed it on is the news items in my inbox. Does anyone know how to change this back? Thanks
  3. I've had a thought that occurred to me last night regarding offering players new contracts and wage allowances. My club is in pretty bad financial shape (which I admit is my own fault for spending too much on wages in the first place). Anwyay, quite a few of my first team's contracts are expiring at the end of this season and I am struggling to get them to sign new contracts due to my board limiting the wages I can offer (fair enough). I've spoken to all the guys who have expiring contracts and asked them to reduce their wage demands because the club is in bad financial shape, and they all agreed to do so. However, I've only managed to get one of them to sign a new contract because I am still unable to offer them what they are asking for. For example, my top earner is on £275 p/w and he is now asking for £180 p/w so he has basically agreed to cut his wages by 1/3. My board will only let me offer him £120 p/w and he will not accept this. He won't budge from his £180 p/w demands which I guess is fair enough seeing as he would already be taking a pretty significant hit. It doesn't matter what clauses and bonuses I add, he just doesn't want to know with a basic wage of £120 p/w. So, the point of this post (eventually) is that maybe the board could agree to let me offer a bit more than what they have limited it to if it means that current players would take a wage cut. They can still let me offer next to nothing for new signings. I understand it's not as straight-forward as this. After all, if his contracts expires and he leaves, they'll be saving £275 p/w as oppose to £95 p/w for the next season or two. It just seems a bit silly that they are basically condemning the club to lose a large part of the squad and mean that the team might not be as competitive next year and therefore would be knock-on effects such as reduced gate receipts and less prize money. I know this might not be a very feasible/sensible suggestion but I would have thought that the board should be balancing the financial side of things against the performance side of things and understand that the two are related, to an extent.
  4. I'm playing a save with AD Oeiras in Portugal and they have the Synthetic (New Type - Soft) if I recall.
  5. I did a quick search of the thread and couldn't find mention of this but thought it might be worth bringing up. Anyway, I had my fortnightly message about having a backroom advice meeting, it said that my assistant manager as noted that I haven't held a meeting in a while and members of the backroom staff have some things they want to tell me. When I clicked the Hold Meeting button on the message, there were no items there. Obviously, this is probably pretty low down on the list of things but it just seemed that a message saying something along the lines of "Today we should be having a backroom meeting but no-one has anything to say so we won't bother" might have been better.
  6. Full game. I haven't really read much in to FMC and not sure about it so thought I'd play it safe. I like the amount of detail in the full game though and I'm not sure I'd really want to lose any of that, despite not having much time to devote to it.
  7. Been playing the demo since Friday but don't get much time due to family commitments etc. Only played two competitive game but won both and got my team (Blackburn!) playing some nice passing football! I haven't played since FM2010 but am really enjoying it so far.
  8. I have no facts to base this on but I would imagine that a lot of the people asking for better graphics are people who never played the game when the only choice you had was commentary only and the only information you had to make decisions and changes with were the match stats and player ratings. As people have already said, it's about the numbers. I think that you only need to have the 2D view, as it is just a graphical representation of the game and it allows you to see some of the finer tactical details that you maybe wouldn't see with commentary only. The 3D view is a luxury and by this definition is not integral to the game. It has probably brought more frustration for players and SI than it has made the game better. The most frustrating thing for me about the 3D view is controversial decisions and how you then get asked about this decision in a press conference and you have no idea what actually happened because it was represented so poorly through the graphics. If and when SI do look in to improving the 3D match, it is these kind of things that need to be addressed before they can start making it look nicer. It doesn't even bother me that much with the players floating around. At the end of the day, if they are running with the ball, you only need to know where they are going with it and not how many step-overs they do or what kind of skills they are using.
  9. Thanks for the info The only real strenuous activity it will have to do is to run FM, other than that it would only be used for browsing and Office so I guess the processor would be more important. Do you know if there is much difference between those two processors?
  10. Hi My knowledge of processors is pretty limited so thought I would come here for some advice... Anyway, I've seen two laptops for the same price but one has a Core i5 3210M with 4GB RAM and the other has a Core i5 2540M with 6GB RAM. I don't know if there is much difference between the two processors and I'm not sure how important the difference in RAM would be but would just like some opinions on which one would be the most suitable to run FM? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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