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  1. Hi Chas, Sorry I haven't been on this forum for a long time, and I've missed your valuable offer I assured you there's nothing illegal with my program. I created this tool to help this community to make this game more enjoyable, and I did it absolutely for free. I've seen similar tool using Excel, but I didn't like it since we must hand-typing each player attributes, it's time consuming ... If your offer still available, you can PM me, I will be very grateful ...
  2. Finally I've done the modifications above, see the first post to download it ...
  3. I haven't visited this forum lately (busy with work work work ), so I was surprised to find out that this tool is still used. The main problem with this tool that it's depend on other application (Genie Scout, FMSEXML) to retrieve players data from the game easily. And I haven't provided a decent tutorial since my website gone. So I will release this tool as soon as I have time with these modifications: 1. Import player data from in-game Print features: either print a player to a text file, OR print a list of players to a HTML files. So no need other applications anymore! 2. Include a tutorial document in the download, no more confusion anymore.
  4. Are you using non-English language on your game? This tool works for English only ...
  5. Damn it ... my website myfm.co.cc is down for good ... the hosting accused me violating something, while I've done nothing for the past 3 months For the moment, here is the link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20617795/FMsquadV2.1.zip But no tutorial, no explanation ... all lost with the website
  6. Sorry Macgyver0, I can't because it was created using a framework created by someone else, DrBernhard. He didn't update his thread about the framework. I've tried to contact him via PM, but no response ... I understand this is the biggest flaw of this tool, with my limited programming skill, I can't read the player data directly from the game like other scouting tool
  7. I quote this from fmscout website: "NOTE: For those saying they can't export all the information of players in csv, please understand this is forbidden by the EULA from SI and SEGA. You should be able to export only basic information such as player name, club, age, etc... the rest information belong to SI and SEGA. " That's why importing from geniescout didn't work anymore ...
  8. Squad Analyzer for FM2011 version 2.1 is released today! See the screenshot on the first post! See the detail and to download on www.myfm.co.cc
  9. There's a tutorial page on the website: www.myfm.co.cc
  10. Yeah, damn you Peter Crouch ... and I think they won't make it to the Champions League again next season About Skills templates ... didn't have any clues ... guess you can search it on this forum about the skills ... I have added the delete function, along with a completely new feature that you guys may find it interesting. I have finished the software, but currently I have no time to upload it and update the website about this new feature. Hopefully this weekend I'll have my spare time to work on it.
  11. Hmmm ... just checked the link, it works .. you guys should try again ...
  12. Sorry, I didn't give the 'delete' button yet. For the moment just replace these two files, PLAYER.DBF and PLAYER.CDX, with the ones from the installer.
  13. No, I think the problem is on the application itself. And there's nothing I can do because I depend on the other who made the FMSE framework. I found when I started a new game using Brazil and Argentina leagues, I got the exception. But when I tried once again, with changes on the starting season or the starting country, it worked fine. And also, I think it didn't work on the newest patch either ...
  14. Sorry, while I still have one-two ideas to be added on, but I have no time do it right now
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