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  1. It's either that or stay the night in Marseille. Really sucks. We might have to do the same thing, but trying to get out of the stadium, get to the station and on the train before it leaves at 8pm will be tight. Poorly organised to be fair. The City to City trains should be running much later.
  2. I'd take Mustafi over Rüdiger, despite the latter having more pace. I can't see what Löw and some others see in him. I don't think he's that great. Then again I'm juding him on his VfB days. Haven't seen his Roma performances. I hope Weigl goes. He'd be rather useful as rotation in that midfield. So composed on the ball and extremely mature for his age.
  3. haha, that's fine. Can't image there would be much space in a mini. We're hoping to bail straight after the game too, but there doesn't look like many options. The official EURO 2016 train partner still shows last train is 8pm. Maybe we can catchup for a beer before hand. We will probably get there at midday.
  4. My mate and I are looking for accommodation in Lille for the 1st to the 2nd. Just need somewhere over night. You have a place? Got any recommendations or areas? Been sussing out airbnb places.
  5. I'd drop Basti, Rudy, Kimmich and Löw's lovechild Podolski for the final squad. I know Basti is the captain, but I think they need to move on without him. He's been poor and will hamper the team on the field in my opinion. I don't like the lack of proper fullbacks, but as Goldy said, Löw won the WC playing CB's across the back four.
  6. My mate and I will be at the Marseille game on the 21st, Ukraine v Poland. Want to drive us to Lyon after the game? haha.
  7. Anyone privy on the transport available after games? Went into my travel agent today to work out the trains to get from the places we are staying to the games. We have two games in Marseille, but didn't want to stay there, so are staying in Lyon for some part of our trip. It looks like the last train that goes from Marseille to Lyon is at 8pm. Doesn't leave much time to get from the game (starting at 6pm) to the station. Then the Quarter final starts at 9pm, so no luck there. I presumed they'd have public transport running late out of the cities for those who aren't going to stay overnight. EDIT: Figured I'd post what we have. Flying over from Australia to get in Paris on the 18th. 21st Marseille: Ukraine v Poland 27th Saint Denis: Knock out game 30th Marseille: Quarter 1st Lillie: Quarter Will be staying in Paris and Lyon, with ending a night in Lillie. Then off to Germany for a bit. Had 3 more group games but resold them because they were pants and mate couldn't get time off for that first week.
  8. Ah, so not 2nd season in game. Makes sense. They get taken over? On my game I regularly got €400m-€500m while at Dortmund, got a job offer from Real Madrid and Barca. Madrid willing to give me €450m, Barca €40m. Barca hadn't won the league in years.
  9. Does your manager stop aging at 81 years old, or did you have to keep editing his birthdate? I still play a 2014 save and my guy is getting to that stage.
  10. I had a player that scored 8-10 in a season (all comps). He scored 3-4 against very poor opposition in the cup but the rest were against normal opposition and above. Before him and at a different club I had a player that regularly scored 4-6 direct freekicks a season. I play a very attacking style so generally get a lot of freekicks. Sometimes it's better off seeing in the ME how players take them. I've had players with very high freekick attribute completely sky shots constantly. Of course other attributes come into play but I've found the best throughout my FM experience to be deep lying and advanced playmakers. They normally have the required attributes to compliment the freekick one.
  11. As already said improved AI squad building and youth development would make the game much more stable for long term gaming. However, I think FM14 is better than previous versions as I'm in 2030 and the top clubs have great squads. The best way to make a long term game harder, atm, is to focus on your academy players. The amount will vary on the difficulty you want. 100% of first team being academy players will be very hard, whereas 50% of first team will be easier. Both rewarding in a long term save, and makes it harder. Put your own rules in place aswell (wage caps, domestic player bias, etc.) There's no need for a difficulty level if the AI is improved.
  12. A. How many home games did you play? B. What's your average home attendance? Divide total (full season) 'Match Day Income' by A. Is it too excessive per game? Maybe divide by attendance, is it still too high? It seems a large amount in comparison to season tickets and gate receipts. So maybe your ticket prices are really low, and food really high. Or maybe 'Match Day Income' includes lap dances in the VIP section? Last season's was £53k, this season's is €48k and in March. So likely to be at similar levels come the end of the season.
  13. I think it's more so the rep of the League/Cup. I'm not sure how much the rep of the opposition is taken into account in their development. In theory it'd be nice if it worked like what Marky1985 said, but I'm not sure it does. Also, I don't think it matters on what the player does either. For instance playing at Rangers I'd use young promising keepers in games against weaker opposition. They'd develop the same as my main keeper despite hardly ever needing to make a save. Minutes in competitive games are all that matter, imo, with an emphasis on the level of the League/Cup rep. In my experience playing regularly at 3.Liga level with the second team isn't as beneficial as playing 10 games a season in the Bundesliga, regardless of the opposition. I could be completely wrong about the level of the opposition, but I think there's too many variables to do a test. A response by a SI member could clarify the formula used for match experience and whether opposition level is weighted all that much.
  14. The player has likely came through the youth system with the U12, etc, so generally wouldn't want to locate to a new place for the same amount. He's asking for that amount because him, and probably his parents, would need to relocate. Doubt they would even consider it for $300 pw. That's the way I always view it. Note a player won't get that $1k pw, until he's of age to sign a professional contract. So for instance I approach a 15 year old player as a German club, then the $1k pw doesn't kick in until he's 17. Finally, to avoid paying too much try including clauses. I often include 'Wages after 30 league appearances' for youth players. I know the majority won't ever make 30 league appearances at the club so I can keep their weekly wage down.
  15. To the OP; your transfer budget isn't taken into account. It's simply a budget. Player values, facilities, cash in bank, etc are all included, iirc. So having that new stadium should have seen a sharp increase in your club value. Winning a top tournament can see an increase in value as the value of your players can increase (due to rep increase). As for a limit, I'm not sure. Not on FM atm, but I'm in 2030 and have 4-6 clubs past the €2b mark. Seems Falcogooner has a larger value than you, when converted to Euros at today's rate (Can't remember what FMs fixed currency rates are though)
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