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  1. It's either that or stay the night in Marseille. Really sucks. We might have to do the same thing, but trying to get out of the stadium, get to the station and on the train before it leaves at 8pm will be tight. Poorly organised to be fair. The City to City trains should be running much later.
  2. I'd take Mustafi over Rüdiger, despite the latter having more pace. I can't see what Löw and some others see in him. I don't think he's that great. Then again I'm juding him on his VfB days. Haven't seen his Roma performances. I hope Weigl goes. He'd be rather useful as rotation in that midfield. So composed on the ball and extremely mature for his age.
  3. haha, that's fine. Can't image there would be much space in a mini. We're hoping to bail straight after the game too, but there doesn't look like many options. The official EURO 2016 train partner still shows last train is 8pm. Maybe we can catchup for a beer before hand. We will probably get there at midday.
  4. My mate and I are looking for accommodation in Lille for the 1st to the 2nd. Just need somewhere over night. You have a place? Got any recommendations or areas? Been sussing out airbnb places.
  5. I'd drop Basti, Rudy, Kimmich and Löw's lovechild Podolski for the final squad. I know Basti is the captain, but I think they need to move on without him. He's been poor and will hamper the team on the field in my opinion. I don't like the lack of proper fullbacks, but as Goldy said, Löw won the WC playing CB's across the back four.
  6. My mate and I will be at the Marseille game on the 21st, Ukraine v Poland. Want to drive us to Lyon after the game? haha.
  7. Anyone privy on the transport available after games? Went into my travel agent today to work out the trains to get from the places we are staying to the games. We have two games in Marseille, but didn't want to stay there, so are staying in Lyon for some part of our trip. It looks like the last train that goes from Marseille to Lyon is at 8pm. Doesn't leave much time to get from the game (starting at 6pm) to the station. Then the Quarter final starts at 9pm, so no luck there. I presumed they'd have public transport running late out of the cities for those who aren't going to stay overnight. EDIT: Figured I'd post what we have. Flying over from Australia to get in Paris on the 18th. 21st Marseille: Ukraine v Poland 27th Saint Denis: Knock out game 30th Marseille: Quarter 1st Lillie: Quarter Will be staying in Paris and Lyon, with ending a night in Lillie. Then off to Germany for a bit. Had 3 more group games but resold them because they were pants and mate couldn't get time off for that first week.
  8. Ah, so not 2nd season in game. Makes sense. They get taken over? On my game I regularly got €400m-€500m while at Dortmund, got a job offer from Real Madrid and Barca. Madrid willing to give me €450m, Barca €40m. Barca hadn't won the league in years.
  9. Does your manager stop aging at 81 years old, or did you have to keep editing his birthdate? I still play a 2014 save and my guy is getting to that stage.