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  1. I signed Valdes on a free for Southampton in 2014/2015. Its now 2019/2020, he has been my captain since 2015/2016, despite being 37, hes still going strong.
  2. Go to 'Board room - Talk to board - Networking - 'We should find a feeder club to enable us to send players abroad to secure work permits' If I remember rightly, they'll be able to sign for you, but you'll then need to loan them to your feeder club for however many years before they can play league/cup(?) games.
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions on a DM for my second third season? Playing in the Euro Cup, and aiming for Champion League this season. My best current DM player is also my number 1 CD. Transfer budget of £20m, however my finances are crap at the moment, so as cheap as possible would be great!
  4. I go though stages of falling out of love with it. Not played it for about a month now, trying to find a save that I'll enjoy again.
  5. I've got him at Southampton in 2014/2015. Got him on a free.
  6. How long is your contact with Shrewsbury? Might be something to do with it.
  7. Nice to see Bournemouth in the Premiership! Is it me, or are Pompy not in there?!
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has had good results with Emmanuel Adebayor? I got him for £10m in 2012/13, and since then he has been nothing but outstanding. 2012/13 - 50 goals in 37 league appearances, 87 goals in 63 total games. 2013/14 - 55 goals in 34 league appearances, 108 goals in 62 total games. 2014/15 - 65 goals in 37 league appearances, 102 goals in 63 total games. I play him in the centre of three forwards, Edinson Cavani on the right and Mario Balotelli on the left generally. I've also kept Gomes as my number one keeper, he is doing brilliantly for me. Got a couple of younger keepers coming though to replace him in a year or two, but can't believe how well he is doing.
  9. Does anyone have any ideas for a first team keeper? Just starting the second season, Gomes did pretty well for me, but don't think he'll cut it for the second season (finished second). I have a transfer budget of £20 million, would rather not spend it all, but can if need be (rest of the team is great, just need a keeper).
  10. 1142. I do keep it running during the day mind you and often don't turn my laptop off for weeks (just shut the screen), so dunno how much time I've really played.
  11. I've done it in past versions of FM. Quite handy at times.
  12. Not sure if this is the place, but couldn't find a 'should I take the job thread'. I'm currently managing Chelmsford, just got promoted to League 1 after back to back promotions. Currently in just about to start the 2014/2015 season. I've been offered the Saints job, they've just been relegated to the Championship, wage budget of £475k, currently spending £538k, but a transfer budget of £15.5 million. Should I stay or go? My plan was to get Chelmsford into the Premiership and see what happens, I wasn't expecting to get offers from Premiership/Championship sides so soon (started off with Sunday league rep).
  13. I mentioned it in the last thread ages ago, but being able to assign hot keys. Press F1 and it takes you to your tactics F2 takes you to transfer screen F3 takes you to mails etc I know there are hot keys already, but being able to assign the F-buttons would be cool/helpful (at least for me, I can never remember what the hotkeys are!).
  14. He is still doing really well for me! Second season of the Premiership in March, played 28 games total, average rating of 7.46, second behind Lallana with 7.51!
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