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  1. I bought it from Sigames.com. At least thats what my mail says. "Thank you for purchasing from sports interactive". But i have been playing it since 9.1 and through 9.2 without any problems. The problem first arised when i upgraded to 9.3. It has never asked for the DVD before now. EDIT: Aaah. Maybe thats why. Didnt know there was a digital patch. Ill give it a try.
  2. Hey. After downloading the patch to my mac (!) and installing it correctly, everything seems to work. However when i start up the game it asks for the DVD. However i have bought it over the internet, and does thus not have any dvd. I have tried launching both my usual shortcut, and launching the program through applications/Sports interactive/Fm2009/, but it says the same thing. Plz help /Avanti