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  1. I'm in my 6th season of the game, 5th in the Premiership. It's taking me ages cos I've really been dipping in and out. I haven't won the league yet but I've been 3rd the last two seasons, Arsenal reeling me in the last few games both times! Anyway, had to post to give an update on possibly the best close season in terms of free transfers I've ever had in FM. OK I'll start with the old guys who are there for experience and work my way up: Tim Cahill, John O'Shea, Joe Cole, Joleon Lescott, Vincent Enyeama, Diego Buanonotte, Andre Poli, Mario Balotelli, Marek Hamsik.....and the coup de grace, Javier Pastore. We better win the league this year or I will be so devastated!
  2. Finished 2nd season in the Prem in 8th. Not quite sure how we had such a good season but we only missed out on EC by a point to Villa. The whole “Big Four” thing by the way broke down as played 11 (including LC and FA) lost 9 and drew 2. Conceded 27 and scored 10 – abysmal. But aside form that I was happy, even got to the League Cup Semis which was alright. Hard to say who the standout performers were – except Sanogo who got 26 goals overall. Renan Olivara was good for long periods, Guardado was great on a free and Marco Perez gave me 12 goals without a sustained run in the team. I’ve also gotten a few regens who are looking serious top quality. Another big transfer window followed with 19 players coming in (£31.5 mil) and 20 moving on (£26.5 mil). A lot of the ins were young regens with really high potential along with a few big free signings – namely Vukojevic (24.5k p/w), Lassana Diarra(45k p/w) and Glen Johnson(40k p/w). Should add some good experience to the team. Told the board I could get a top half finish. Also signed Phil Jones for £7 mil, Renan for £4.8 mil and Vincent Kompany for £1.6 mil. Overall I went for experienced squad players and talented youth to hopefully be the stars of the future. The only person I was sad to lose was Martin Galvan cos he has such high potential but he was making noises about moving on, a bid of £2.9(!) came in which the board accepted for some reason. But he’s gone and I have more than enough cover. Financially, I seem OK. Lose money some months but make fairly big profits others. I’m 5 mil in the red but I think I can make that back pretty quick, especially with a stadium expansion in the works. Also upgrading the youth facilities. Gonna go for youth from now on, unless I see an experienced person at a steal to be honest. This season has started with a bang. 4 straight wins leaves me top of the league by two points. I’ve scored 16(!) and conceded just 3. This includes 4-1 wins at both Old Trafford AND Anfield. Sanogo has been on fire, he scored all 4 against Utd and has 8 in 4 games so far. How long can it continue? I’ll keep you updated.....
  3. I have to say that the level of difficulty is really ramped up against the "Big Four". I'm sitting 9th in my second season in the Premiership and have managed to compete against everyone so far but have lost by at least 3 goals to Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Utd. I've always found this in FM - no matter how good my team is and how dominant in the league we are, we always come unstuck against the "Big Four" - really frustrating. Apart from that I'm pretty satisfied with the effort so far. Sanogo's looking very good. Also, I signed Marco Perez (an old FM favourite) and he's scoring too. A steal at 1.1 million too.
  4. Update at the start of season 2 in the Premiership (season 3 overall). I've basically gutted the original squad and have only Kasper left, even then he's a sub now. I somehow managed to stay up the first season in the premiership with a measly 29 points. It was absolutely horrific. But I remodelled the squad again and went for it with a vatiation of the Minimal Fuss tactic for season two. I'm playing relatively attacking with a lot young players in the advanced positions and experience at the back. So far I've played 5 games in the league, sitting 10th with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss (1-0 against Spurs away!). I signed Sanogo last year but he never really caught fire. So far this year he has 7 goals in 5 starts. To be honest with the way we are dominating posession he should probablyh have more! I didnt spend much third season but I got Guardado and Baptista on frees as well as Dessena. This gives a pretty good core of experience to a team with potential. I'm thinking we can at least finish top half. I also signed Marco Perez for about 1 mil and he's looked good so far but won't get look in with Sanogo playin this way! I bought a load of regnes too so hopefully my team can also keep improving!! The future is looking good for me now but it could change in an hour later!
  5. They really know how to kick you when you're down. Playing Spurs away: concede two penalties AND miss two open goals, then concede a last minute goal cos my LB's backpass hits the CB and goes into Defoe's path. End up losing 3 - 1, terrible.
  6. Alright lads, first time poster as you can see. I won the Championship first season in after a complete overhaul of the squad. I went a bit mad on the free transfers to be honest. Found goals impossible to come by but still managed to win the league by two points from Coventry with a goal difference of just +13!! I followed the general pattern on this forum by going 4-5-1 for the whole season. Anyway, 12 games into my first season in the Premiership and I'm 19th. Only one win so far and just 6 points overall. I'm playing a 4-4-2 modelled on the MinimalFuss tactic. It's really not going well. I brought in an awful lot of players though and moved a whole host out so I think that might be causing problems. Things are gelling a bit more but still not getting the results. I signed Sanogo and he looks great but he's only scored once so far. Goals are a problem again it seems. What does everyone else do for away games, do you make major changes or just tweak slightly? I find away games tortuous. Also, do you listen to the "pre-match advice" and change tactics accordingly? Any tips would be appreciated!!