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  1. 3 games left to go of the season and relegation is ours. Whats the record for the most failed first season attempts at this challenge? Maybe I should go for that while obviously trying to win. May holiday this through to the next seasons reset and see if I can grab a different eligble team and see if its just the 2014/15 season that hates me!
  2. At just past the half way point of the season, Trier are sitting firmly on 8 points in 19th place. Safety is currently at 20 points. Doesnt matter what I do I cant win on FM14
  3. As soon as I saw the clubs short name come up, I knew I had to take them over. Introducing the new manager of SV Eintracht Trier 05, or Trier for short. Although their nickname is officially Die Eintracht, I will clearly be calling them Trier, as I'm such a try-er at this challenge!! [b]SV Eintracht Trier 05 is a [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_in_Germany"]German association football club[/url] based in [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trier"]Trier[/url], Rhineland-Palatinate. It was formed on 11 March 1948 out of the merger of [i]Westmark 05 Trier and [i]Eintracht Trier 06, on the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of predecessor [i]Trier Fußball Club 05. The team badge incorporates Trier's most famous landmark, the [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porta_Nigra"]Porta Nigra[/url], an ancient Roman city gate still standing in Germany's oldest city. [/i][/i][/i][/b] Apparently we start life as a professional club which could be interesting, and I definitely need to focus on some staff, and then some increased players. We have a wage budget of 40k p/w which I am hoping will get us some quality players and with a media prediction of 20th and aims of Avoid relegation, I will be happy with the season if I can survive just for once. Should we survive the drop, screenshots will be posted, they are sitting ready already! Edit: Seriously convinced my computer and FM doesnt want me to do play this, this year, computer crashed, turns out I hadnt saved since taking over the club - was less than a month but still, have to redo stupid things like the start of club press conference etc...
  4. Got the full game and am now holidaying yet again. Will be back with a new club tomorrow evening hopefully depending how long I spend reloading. Is it Ok if I take the opening screen shots when I take over at the club, but only post them if I get to the point of an end of season review (not relegated). Fed up of creating new photobucket folders for each club already!
  5. I'd ask this elsewhere, or search but you guys seem to know everything, what are the differences between the full version and FM Classic mode?
  6. I kept being told to hold team meetings to raise morale, and they had no affect at all other than for the captain to complain that I has holding far too many team meetings.
  7. Electrico End of season Update - 2014/15 Relegated on last day of season and promptly sacked. Feels like this morning the team could do no wrong and that we were looking good in the first part of the league, where we finished 4th. Then I went out for the afternoon and when I resumed the save, they played like a completely different side. No idea what I did wrong. We were relegated straight instead of going to the last chance of survival playoff based on results between us and Fut. Benfica. Does FM14 get a match engine update or any other sorts of updates when it goes off Beta this week? If so I may hold off retrying anywhere, until the full version. Or I may be back tomorrow somewhere. What really hurts was I was following what someone in the tactics forum was doimg with a lower league tactic and it was working for a bit. Sorry for no screenshots but seems utterly pointless when I'm clearly not continuing this attempt.
  8. I appreciate the tip, just cant believe how bad my form has become. Suddenly very worried about this relegation group.
  9. Thats where I looked for it Duccio but couldnt see it as an option. Is it available on Part time contracts?
  10. Where do you find the Sell on Fee Perecentage? I was going to try it but it doesnt seem to be an option. A quick update, we have unfortunately ended up in the relegation stage of the League, having lost the last 3 games (the ones I have played since I loaded up FM after doing well earlier today, before I went out). Bit annoyed that I seem to have broken our decent streak, but hopefully we will manage to survive the relgation stage.
  11. The attempt at Oliviera Hospital was cut short due to losing each game with at least a 3 goal margin simply not being fun, and a squad of 14 players due to a tight wad chairman, also not being much fun. As a result I have started again, but this time at Electrico Profile | League History | Facilities This chairman is far more friendly a wage budget of 3.3k p/w seeming much fairer to build a squad, and I suspect Electrico's rep is a bit higher thus being able to attract slightly more players. Media prediction of 8th and pre-season odds of 25-1 gives me far more hope than the old 3000-1 I was given at the Hospital. Lets hope I can stick with this one for slightly longer!
  12. Well this is off to an amazing.... start.. amazingly awful... First league game we lose 3-0, first round of the cup to lower league Cacadores Taipas, it was 2-2 and then we lose 10-9 on penalties. Most of my players that were on non contracts/amateurs have been poached, and I have a squad of about 12 real players plus the generated grey players. I'm really not sure about this, I just cant sign anyone because of the pathetic wage budget, which would have meant having to find the most budget budget players, as you cant fill a squad capable of survival on only £1.5k p/w
  13. Possibly a stupid question but can you get your assistant manager to recommend loan signings in this version, and if so where on earth is the option?
  14. Ive already encountered one of my age old FM problems, Ive hit the wage budget without having a balanced squad, and looks like I cant sign anyone else at the moment, because I can only offer 0 p/w wages. Anyone would think that as someone that has been playing FM since CM97/98 that I would learn how to budget footballers!
  15. Club Info | Manager Profile | League History Futebol Clube de Oliveira do Hospital is a Portuguese football and futsal club based in Oliveira do Hospital, Coimbra. Founded in 1938, it currently plays in the fourth division, holding home matches at Estádio Municipal de Oliveira do Hospital, which holds 5,000 spectators. They are a club with no notable staff and a wage budget of peanuts (£1.49k pw). They are expected to avoid relegation with a media prediction of 10th (out of 10). Being located in Central Portugal, I'm hoping that players from all over Portugal will want to flock to this growing football club. My main aims are to get in some staff, secure any existing players onto semi pro contracts as the club was amateur before this season, and then hopefully win enough games that we dont get relegated. The board haven't requested any Philosophies so I'm happy enough with that. Just hope I can enjoy a nice stay in sunny Portugal.
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