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  1. Good evening all. Looking for any team in any league around the world. It'll probably be my last save until the new game comes out, so would like a team thats a bit of a challenge. Like I say, any club, any league. Although preferably out of England as im bored their now! Haha! Any suggestions would be great. Cheers. ITFC 1
  2. Thanks for the reply, but im just looking for the national badges? Not flags? Do you have a link to them? Cheers. ITFC 1
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so, if im in the wrong place then I do apologize. Well, im currently looking for a nations logo pack? Im getting a little bit bored of the flags . Could anyone post a link with the nations logo pack? Or someone point me in the direction of them? Thanks. ITFC 1
  4. Hello. Its not a question relating to CLub Brugge im afriad, BUT, oculd someone point me into the direction of where I can download nation badges? And not the flags? That would be brilliant. Thanks ITFC1
  5. Im back again! This time its about Daniel Agger! Again, summer of 2015, been offered £10million from Roma, Tottenham and Bayern MunichAgain, ive already got Coates and Skrtel who are better than him, I've got a spanish regen centre back who is 5 star potential, and im about to buy another french regen who has 4.5 star potential. Dont think i'd get a better offer than that. What shall I do? Cheers ITFC 1
  6. I have Martin Kelly who has come on leaps and bounds in the last 18 months, so i'll be happy to use him, and give the regen same playing time over the course of a season. And it gets Johnson 80k a week wages off the bill.
  7. Good afternoon! Some advice needed please. Im in 2015 with Liverpool, and have just had a £10million bid from Tottenham for Glen Johnson. He's 30 now, and his stats are slowly declining. Also agreed a deal for a regen RB from Real Madrid who is 4 star potential, and has the potential to be much better than Glen Johnson? Cheers. ITFC 1
  8. Im creating like 25-35 chances a game. What roles would you play them in? Poacher? Advanced Forward?
  9. Name: Leandro Damiao Position: Striker Role:?? Duty:Score goals! Other additional instructions: Club: Liverpool Club's formation: 4-2-4 What do you want from your player: Same as Cavani, to score goals!
  10. Name: Edinson Cavani Position: Striker Role: ?? Duty: Score goals! Other additional instructions: Club: Liverpool Club's formation: 4-2-4 What do you want from your player: To score goals, I cant find his best role! Everyone else seems to get tons of goals out of Cavani, yet I cant, got 4 in 19 games for me in 2-14/2015 season!
  11. Hey guys and girls Im in season 2014/2015, my third season at Liverpool, and have both Leandro Damiao and Edinson Cavani up front, yet, im struggling to get both of them to score?! Why on gods earth is this! I'm currently playing Cavani and complete forward, and Damiao as a poacher. Do you think that is the correct tactics for them? Any advice would be of massive help. Thanks. ITFC 1
  12. Is their a pack for the russian teams?
  13. For those of you that have signed Edinson Cavani for Arsenal, how do you play him? As a complete forward? Advanced forward? Poacher? Also, same goes for Leandro Damiao if any of you have signed him, how do you play him as well? Any feedback would be great. Thanks, ITFC 1
  14. WOW! Lovely job, cheers for the advice! Going to try Cavani on the left but as complete forward
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