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  1. How do I get onto that page where it says your whole team appearances/goals?
  2. Finished 4th in the league last season, snapped him up for a cool 8 Million, he wanted to join and he now loves me and the club.
  3. It depends what team you have. The tactic obviously requires some skill involved. There is no "magic tactic" that works when you import it. Change it to your players and use it as a base..
  4. Ferenc Puskas = God. Socrates = God Nilton Santos = = God = Best full back that ever lived. Lev Yashin = BEST GK EVER Gustavo Poyet = Transfer Listed at 5.5M = STEAL Matthias Sindelar = Should have 20 stats across the board, he was the best inside forward that ever lived. Died at 35
  5. You should be added to the Legends database - making this means you = legend. Top notch work mate. You should have a notate button or something I'd donate a fiver or something via paypal
  6. Started a Lyon save. Wanted to get rid of the deadwood and start a real Champions League campaign. Wanted to make sure we won the league as well. I decided to play a 4-4-2 with flying wingers. Transfers: Ins: Ruud Van Nistelrooy - 2.2 Million. Nicolas Otamendi - 8 Million Robert Pires - 1.9 Million Total: 12 Million Out: Anderson - 2 Million Francois Clerc - 1 Million Anthony Reveillere - 2.9 Million Cesar Delgardo - 1.5 Million Jean II Makoun - 4 Million Bought in a couple of oldies to bring some good old experience, Van Nistelrooy will provide good back-up and he can bang in a few goals, Otamendi will start quite a few matches in Centre Defence, then Pires will rotate on the Wings. My expectations are to win the League and get past the group's in the CL.
  7. To be fair Makalele. I'd be disappointed not to score over 100 goals with that team. I mean, a tactic made by a dog could probably win you the league with that squad.
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