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  1. Morning does anyone know of a download to get real adboards in 2d view?
  2. hi does anyone know if the samsung note 9 will play the touch version? thanks
  3. I have a variety of graphics packs (faces,kits etc) would this maybe cause the lag? I'm thinking of uninstalling fm 19 and removing the packs
  4. yeah everything set rock botom.it is very strange.if only i liked 3d 😂
  5. do you know what may cause this? its fine in 3d. its a new laptop i5 with 4gig ram. Thank you for the reply
  6. hi i am experiancing stuttering on 2d view and have updated everything and done everything i think possible.I have been unable to turn off v sync as the graphics are intel 620 and i only have two options aplication settings driver settings can anyone help
  7. i have intel 620 internal graphics and have been told to turn offv sync? but i cant find the option to do this?
  8. im having lag in 2d only.no graphics card ,just intel 620. new laptop i5 processor. 3d runs smooth enough for me its simply 2d that is juddery
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