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  1. All good - thank you for the confirmation. Hopefully it resolves at the next update!
  2. @Harrison Modeste - do you know if this is still on the list for the next patch? It doesn't seem to be fixed yet in my game post the recent patch.
  3. @Harrison Modeste Was this fixed in the latest patch or is this still being fixed?
  4. I have noticed this as well. The option appears but I've never successfully convinced the board to improve the facilities. I'm playing as Man Utd and money is literally no issue!
  5. My CBs are still getting low ratings. It must be linked to key tackles, key headers etc as that is pretty much all they do all game.
  6. Has SI acknowledged the issue? I saw a few posts where they were simply asking for more examples. It surprised me as it is bleedingly obvious.
  7. The player ratings for defensive players are getting hammered, particularly full backs as reported in the full fat version. Key tackles aren't registering in game analysis either which may be contributing to this. Is this acknowledged as an issue in touch as well by SI?
  8. @Harrison Modeste Just checking you got the PKMs - the tag to this post still says PKMs required?
  9. Has this been acknowledged as an issue by SI and is it being worked on? It’s a game breaking bug and includes the fact that every game there are no key tackles by any player which is clearly contributing to the issue.
  10. Does anyone know what the IDs are for player attributes "crossing" and "long shots"? @michaeltmurrayuk Update - I figured it out with trial and error. All good
  11. @Harrison Modeste I have just uploaded both PKMs. They are titled Coolcup PKM 1 and Coolcup PKM 2.
  12. Here is another example. The guy in between Sergej and Diogo J. is actually the referee. He looks exactly like the team in black shorts.
  13. Hi there I've seen this issue several times now where the team's kits look so alike, it is impossible to tell players apart on the match engine. Why aren't one of the squads choosing their third kit when the clash is as apparent as the screen shot below? It makes it impossible to follow a match using the 3D view.
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