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  1. I wonder whether this is a problem of the high press being too efficient or of poor AI squad management/building so your Arsenal team is miles ahead of the opposition?
  2. If you have any problems with it loading after updating to Win10. Back up the files in My Documents, then uninstall and reinstall FM and it should work.
  3. I think the key to beating a flat 343 is not to get overloaded in defense, so you don't want to have super-aggressive full-backs. Maybe one attacking and one defending or both support. Then you basically want to transition quickly up the field when you get the ball back, preferably working the ball down the flanks behind their sole wide midfielder.
  4. If you can get it to be balanced then yeah sure the benefits could outweigh the drawbacks. Lets not forget that every way of playing has advantages and disadvantages
  5. Yeah I've been successful with Napoli on an earlier version of FM with that formation but a DM rather than a flat 3 in midfield. It requires a very good right wing back, a good CMa to link to the strikers and fairly intelligent central midfield to not lose the ball early in buildup in particularly dangerous ways. It also helps if your CBr is fairly quick to cover for your RWB and your CBl is good in the air to deal with the crosses down your right flank.
  6. It's hard to comment specifically as only you can see how it plays. Generally speaking, it could work especially against mid-to-lower quality teams to open them it up and generate space. However, it could result in a chaotic midfield, where they are too spaced out, or poorly linked together so cannot find each other easily. Against very poor sides that sit deep, they might be able to counter through the middle if your roaming players are caught out of position. Agaisnt very good sides, they may be intelligent enough to zonally mark the roaming players and exploit the space you leave. But this is speaking generally and so you need to actually look at what is happening in your matches.
  7. This is interesting but I think you should reconsider having no wage raises as if you have a player come from your youth academy for example then you will never be able to offer them new contracts as they will always want a wage increase. Also as players improve under your training and increase in reputation they will want raises.
  8. I dunno for the 3232 you could try: -------AFa--CFs----- --IFs----------------- ----------APa--DWs- -------HB--DMs----- -FBs-CBc-BPDd---- -------SKa SKa - Bravo or Stegen FBs - Alba CBc - Mathieu or Vermaelen BPD - Pique HB - Busquets DMs - Rakitic APa - Iniesta DWs - Cuadrado if bought, Alves currently IFs - Neymar AFa - Suarez CFs - Messi You could try and use marking and pressing to direct opponent play down your left side to avoid the gaping hole behind Cuadrado but otherwise it could work.
  9. Does the PPM "Tries one-twos"mean that they will initiate the one-two move (ie pass and then receive) or be the man bumping the ball off (ie receive and then pass)? I'm playing FM13 if that makes any difference. I imagine the PPM does both but just wanted to check before committing 6 months of game time to someone to learn it. PS perhaps this thread should be stickied, I thought it used to be but it took me about 15 mins to find.
  10. Thanks, just about ready to get back stuck into FM now my exams are over.
  11. a quick bump up
  12. Yeah, this article kind of depicts the advantages and disadvantages of an AMR vs MR in thinking of the tactical battle of Ronaldo vs Eboue: Galatasaray 3-2 R. Madrid An AMR tends to press higher up the pitch earlier but doesn't track back as far instead looking to exploit space left by the opposition attacking full back. However, this leaves space behind your AMR for their full back to exploit.
  13. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Simon Leemans Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Man Utd Player's Value: £16.5 million Offer: £38 million Transfer/Wage Budget: more than enough Patch: Latest Season: June 2029 He is my 3rd choice RB behind the ageing Daniel Casimiro and the man to replace him, recently bought Humberto Diaz. It is important to have 2 good RBs as they are my source of width in my 4312 and have a lot of running to do. Hence I wanted to keep Leemans to become 2nd choice in a couple of seasons but £38m is a lot of money. Having said that I don't know where I'm going to find a RB that good and cheap to happily be a second choice.
  14. You can just ignore them completely. I rarely look at the backroom advice anymore and really only sometimes follow the attribute training advice. PPMs I decide on a tactical basis but I sometimes like to give players 'personalities' or 'traits' to make them more varied and unique even if not always ideal from a tactical point of view.