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  1. Quick physically dominant players are great, especially if they can beat their man. What I like about high tempo football is that you can reduce the match down to match ups and then having physically good players is really beneficial as once they get past their man they stay past them due the fast nature of the player and the football.
  2. It's 2037 so let me catch you up to speed with this Spain side. After failing to get out of the Euros group stage with a highly technical team in 2034, I took over the Spanish National team with the aim of winning the World Cup two years later. We had squad filled with creative players, fast technical wingers and my overlooked star striker (from my club team Oxford). Tactically I set the team up as follows: --------------CFa---------- Ws-----------------------Ws -------CMa----CMs------ ------------DMd----------- IWBs--CBd--CBd--IWBs --------------GK------------- After winning the World Cup (really scraping through) with an ageing squad, it's time to look to the future and start planning initially for Euro 2038, ultimately the World Cup in 2040. The Squad Now: Defence At CB there are a lot of options with a range of profiles so can be flexible tactically here (high/deep line, back four/three). In Alex Quiroga we have a truly world class CB, who's fast, good in the air and mentally strong too. The fullback posistions are a problem areas for the team with little quality and depth. Hector Bellerin is still the only RB of quality and he'll be 35 by WC 2040. There are some young defense RBs and some DMs who have decent attribute profiles. Midfield As you would expect with a Spain squad, midfield is where we are stocked with talent. We have some technical, creative central midfielders and a couple with some finishing ability too. However it is out wide where our quality really lies. I don't know what Madird have put in their water but that city is pumping out winger after winger with quality. We are stocked with 4 world class wingers and some wonderkids too. Attack Upfront we have one world class option in Giron. Otherwise we have several what I like to call role players (one-trick ponies), who in the right role can be great but in the wrong one poor. So plenty of options if we want to partner Giron with a TM (for big/small partnership); or with a poacher (for creative/fast partnership). Key players include: Golden Oldies by WC 2040: Future stars: Plus about 4 more wingers. Tactical Options As a big team, I tend to try to get players inbetween the lines in a stable structure. For me this means in the attacking five, 2/3 supporting 3/2 respectively and again in the defensive five 2/3 ahead of 3 or 2 respectively. I'm not strictly wedded to a split 5 and 5 but what I want to achieve is a stable base to collect clearances, circulate possession and maintain pressure on the opposition. I've come up with 3 tactical ideas: 1) Stay the same: 433 It ain't broke so why fix it. The original tactic was based about getting the most out of my wingers and isolating them one-on-one with the fullback and getting my creative midfielders into advanced dangerous positions. It would look something like this by WC 2040: The idea behind this tactic as stated earlier is to get the wingers high and wide to isolate them up against the full backs. The central midfielders have to push up high aggressively to support the CF and the IWBs provide stability to the centre of the pitch when vacated by the CMs. (This ends up dynamically switching between 2323, 253 and 235 if that helps you imagine the movement) The advantage of this is I know this tactic will maximise the ability of my attacking players. The disadvantage is defensively, the fullbacks will struggle on the defensive transition. Space is left on the flanks and they are not that fast or strong to cover that ground. Also this tactic really requires a complete DM. A lot of the play goes through him so needs to be comfortable on the ball; but equally has a lot of defensive responsibility on the defensive transition. I'm not sure whether Barroso will be that player by 21 years of age. 2) Switch to 4231 The advantage here to the 433, is that it shares the defensive responsibility between the two CMs. This also enables the full backs to stay wide, reducing the recovery run distance and potentially stabilising the flanks a bit more. Against teams that fill the midfield or press high in a 4231 against the 433, I can go direct more easily as the ST or wingers are less likely to become isolated with the AM closer to support. The disadvantage is are again that the full backs are my weakest players and Gonzalez doesn't really have the physicality to be a maurading wing back to balance the RW. Also with more aggressive roles in the AM strata I'm also placing a greater defensive load on the remaining 6 players. Could the young full backs handle being isolated more often, I don't know. 3) Crap fullbacks, scrap them! If I don't have the full backs for the 433/4231 then perhaps I could go 3142. The idea behind this tactic is if the full backs are my weak links, maybe just pull my wingers back to wingback and add a player at both ends of the pitch. I need another CB to cover the extra space, and a striker is needed to keep my presence up front with the wingers pulled back. I also wanted to create something of the sort of movement for Giron to benefit from that can be seen in the second image, whilst getting a more clinical finisher in the team. The obvious advantage we have got rid of (literally) our weakest links. Additionally we get more attacking players into the pitch with a more clinical poacher-like finisher whilst retaining a solid 3-2 base. The weakness is clearly defensively down the wing with no quality defenders on the flank. Of course we could swap in a fullback in those positions for added security. By pulling the wingers back, should we press and risk leaving space behind them down the flanks or play a bit more reservedly using the pace and power out wide and the presence of the two strikers to get the ball forward more quickly against an unset defense. What next: I have two friendlies coming up against Morocco and Algeria which could be an opportunity to test out these ideas. Here's where I'd appreciate your thoughts on: What are your initial thoughts on these ideas How would you get the best out of this group of players, to spark some ideas before I come to a conclusion about how I'd like to proceed.
  3. I'm in the second season after having a great first one, winning the Premier League, EFL and Champions League. In the second season, things are going well but having a bit of a think with defensive recruitment after Debuchy broke his leg and is now out til April. The back four looks like: DR: Bellerin, Debuchy, Chambers (+2 regens in youth team - 4.5* and 3*) DCr: Mustafi, Chambers DCl: Koscielny, Gabriel, (+Holding who's out on loan) DL: Monreal, Gibbs Problems: Debuchy injury leaves us short in numbers at the back for cover, espec RB. Chambers/Mustafi aren't really suited to the attacking RB role. Promising U18 players aren't really ready for much more than the odd EFL cup game. Monreal is getting older, and need to start thinking about a future LB signing. Struggling to identify any LBs who can actually defend. Coming up to the January window, and trying to work out who to sign as defensive cover for Debuchy who's Arsenal career I think is over. Also Monreal is not getting any younger but his performances are still great. Potential Solutions: Buy a RB, like Nelson Semedo for ~ £14m, £50k p/w and play Chambers at CB. Sell Semedo when promising youngsters ready for back-up role. Buy a CB. Several options from established internationals to some promising youngsters. Buy a LB, but struggling to identify one that can defend adequately. Buy Jairo Riedewald (£25m, £50k p/w) as a CB initially and then move him to LB when Monreal gets too old; but R. Madrid also want him. Chambers then becomes my back-up RB. What do you think I should do and do you have any recommendations for LB to replace Monreal in the future (defensive ability is more important than attacking for me in this position)? Also how has Holding developed for you guys. He performed ok in his first season but Chambers looks better in my eyes. Hasn't really improved much under me or whilst on loan.
  4. I had Mesut Ozil as an AMR with those instructions minus Get further forward in my first season as Arsenal and he was exceptional. Let's not forget that Messi and Ozil do actually have right foot and that the "roams from position" instruction combined with sit narrow makes him really act like an AMC. Plus an AMR is very rarely man-marked as who's going to man-mark him without leaving a huge gap? As an AMC the opposition can if give you more attention with a DM or defensive CM devoted to you and the area is more crowded. As an AMR he is nicely in the halfspace between FB and CB and drives diagonally inwards. If the FB closes him down the your RB has the flank free to attack the byline and hit a cross to your on-rushing strikers. If the CB closes him then he can pass the ball to your ST or AML, one of which normally is able to find space. If neither of those occur, he can recycle the ball as you have central dominance with him adding an extra man in the middle. Last season as Arsenal I had: AMR - Mesut Ozil - Advanced Playmaker attack, sit narrower, roam from position - 47 apps, 17 goals, 22 assists, AML - Lucas Perez - Inside Forward attack, stay wider - 29 (11) apps, 13 goals, 7 assists ST- Alexis - Complete Forward attack - 43(6) apps, 30 goals, 13 assists
  5. Messi = AMR - Advanced Playmaker attack. Sit narrower, Roam from position, (Get further forward?) Neymar = AML - Inside Forward attack. Stay wider? Suarez = Complete Forward support. Moves into channels. That's how I would set them up.
  6. I wonder whether this is a problem of the high press being too efficient or of poor AI squad management/building so your Arsenal team is miles ahead of the opposition?
  7. If you have any problems with it loading after updating to Win10. Back up the files in My Documents, then uninstall and reinstall FM and it should work.
  8. I think the key to beating a flat 343 is not to get overloaded in defense, so you don't want to have super-aggressive full-backs. Maybe one attacking and one defending or both support. Then you basically want to transition quickly up the field when you get the ball back, preferably working the ball down the flanks behind their sole wide midfielder.
  9. If you can get it to be balanced then yeah sure the benefits could outweigh the drawbacks. Lets not forget that every way of playing has advantages and disadvantages
  10. Yeah I've been successful with Napoli on an earlier version of FM with that formation but a DM rather than a flat 3 in midfield. It requires a very good right wing back, a good CMa to link to the strikers and fairly intelligent central midfield to not lose the ball early in buildup in particularly dangerous ways. It also helps if your CBr is fairly quick to cover for your RWB and your CBl is good in the air to deal with the crosses down your right flank.
  11. It's hard to comment specifically as only you can see how it plays. Generally speaking, it could work especially against mid-to-lower quality teams to open them it up and generate space. However, it could result in a chaotic midfield, where they are too spaced out, or poorly linked together so cannot find each other easily. Against very poor sides that sit deep, they might be able to counter through the middle if your roaming players are caught out of position. Agaisnt very good sides, they may be intelligent enough to zonally mark the roaming players and exploit the space you leave. But this is speaking generally and so you need to actually look at what is happening in your matches.
  12. This is interesting but I think you should reconsider having no wage raises as if you have a player come from your youth academy for example then you will never be able to offer them new contracts as they will always want a wage increase. Also as players improve under your training and increase in reputation they will want raises.
  13. I dunno for the 3232 you could try: -------AFa--CFs----- --IFs----------------- ----------APa--DWs- -------HB--DMs----- -FBs-CBc-BPDd---- -------SKa SKa - Bravo or Stegen FBs - Alba CBc - Mathieu or Vermaelen BPD - Pique HB - Busquets DMs - Rakitic APa - Iniesta DWs - Cuadrado if bought, Alves currently IFs - Neymar AFa - Suarez CFs - Messi You could try and use marking and pressing to direct opponent play down your left side to avoid the gaping hole behind Cuadrado but otherwise it could work.
  14. Does the PPM "Tries one-twos"mean that they will initiate the one-two move (ie pass and then receive) or be the man bumping the ball off (ie receive and then pass)? I'm playing FM13 if that makes any difference. I imagine the PPM does both but just wanted to check before committing 6 months of game time to someone to learn it. PS perhaps this thread should be stickied, I thought it used to be but it took me about 15 mins to find.
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