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  1. If he is like me then the answer is OCD. I hate having loaned out players in my first team squad and even if I hid them I would know they were there.
  2. I assume it is too late to explain in the press conversation that the offer was not good enough? When I receive a bid I am not happy with for a key player, you should always give the reason that the offer was not good enough. When the player complains, tell him you will accept an offer from Juventus if it meets your valuation. Set his Value to a little over what you would be willing to accept (If the player is unhappy I will list him too but make sure he is still listed as a key player) Often, the interested club (Juventus) will finish their interest and a couple of weeks later the player will say that as Juventus have ended their interest he is now happy to stay. The other scenario is Juventus come back with an improved offer which you can handle the same way or select delay. Once I select delay I will offer a player to all clubs (making sure he doesn't get set to not needed at the same time) for more than Juventus have offered. If you get a better offer then accept it. If not just sell him to Juve.
  3. I use it to rename my stadium as and when they are built.
  4. Seems to be an individual thing. I had a player finish tutoring one day and signed up with his new tutor the same day. Used one to get his determination up and the second one to (hopefully) teach him to place his shots!
  5. I have an opinion. In the first instance users are unlikely to make small adjustments to tactics when things are going well. I will always change a couple of players and occasionally make small changes to my tactics like going a bit more direct and playing a target man instead of a deep lying forward. I might change my midfielders how both have a support option to have one attacking and one defending. Little tweaks that keep the opposition guessing and suit the opponents I am playing. I used to pick my tactic and starting XI and play it 95% of the time. I'd wait until I had gone 10 games without a win then make wholesale changes to formation and starting XI. I think when you do this form appears to be more erratic in reality it's a case of managers waiting too long to adjust their tactics and then when the do making too many changes.
  6. I think the problem is my full backs are not the best. One as a good player for the league below, the other is a decent player in my current league. I am playing in the Championship with a very narrow midfield and although it is nice to see it working perfectly, it seems to be a little too perfect at the moment. Bradley Garmston and Ryan Jackson a literally looking like Cafu and Carlos in their prime! With no wingers, the opposition seem to not bother picking up the full backs at all untill they get well past half way, 9/10 they beat the full back, a centre back comes out to meet them, the cross goes in and it's 3 attacks on 1 or 2 defenders and I score. Complimenting them with a deep lying playmaker is working like a dream. One full back pushes on, the centre back covers and the deep lying playmaker slots in to make a solid back four again. I',m almost waiting for the AI to relalise that despite me playing no wingers, wide midfielders are needed to stop the full backs but 2 and a half season in and my relegation tipped Gillingham are looking good for promotion to the premier league. Saying that, my 3 bst players are my two Centrebacks and the deep lying playmaker (On loan from Chelsea) who help me keep my shape and maybe its not an exploit. It just seems to work to well with players that should, at very best be average squad players.
  7. Title says it all really. I have seen a few comments about sticking fast players at full back and letting them tear the opposition to shreds. This caused me to wonder with my success is actually an exploit or good use of the players at my disposal. I have a goalkeeper set to defend, I deep lying playmaker set to support and not to roam from his position. I have two central midfielders with a support option and advanced playmaker (attack) alongside a deep lying forward (support) and an advanced forward (attack). In the back four I have two central defenders (defend) and two fullbacks (support) who I use individual instructions to encourage to get forward a lot. In the first season my right back got the most assists and was player of the season. In the second season it was my left back with my two rightbacks second and third in the assists table. I am in my third season, the two fullbacks (one is a good league one right back, the other is a decent championship left back) are the two highest average rating players in the league and I am third in the table with just 3 players worth over 1 million. I am in the championship and beginning to feel like I am taking advantage of an exploit because these two average players are destroying the league by crossing from deep. I am willing to add screenshots or upload my tactics if anyone wants to have a look but this is more a discussion to see if anyone has found fullbacks overpowered. If it is a general consensus I might stick a few pkm and my tactics over to the guys at SI.
  8. Just last night I sold my 16 year old 'next Michael Owen'. My Head of Youth Development signed him as a 15 year old from Chester for 18k and he played 23 games for my Championship Gillingham team. Partly because I threw him in whereever possible and gave him a run once we were safe. He bagged 5 goals and was valued at 76k. I continually received offers for about 150k or 80k rising to 200k. I ended up offering him to clubs for £2m and was shocked when Norwich came back offering 800k up front, 200k after 50 league games 200k over 24 months and 25% of any future profit. I changed the 25% of profit to 25% of the whole fee and they accepted and off he went. Still only 16 and on his 3rd club. Very happy with my deal too.
  9. All you can do is sell him and pay the loyalty bonus or keep refusing to sell him and hope he puts in a transfer request. Only a transfer request will stop a loyalty bonus being paid. Of course that is a gamble. An older player, such as Cole, with a 325,000 pay day is more likely to just upset players, cause arguments and refuse to put in a transfer request. What I would like (and I was screaming out for yesterday when my Keeper started complaining because I rejected a 600k offer for him) is when the player comes in demanding that if Leicester make another bid I allow him to talk to them, that I can ask him if this is an official transfer request. If he says yes, at least I keep the loyalty bonus. If he says no, the other players are made aware that he is holding me to ransom and are less likely to side with him than me. I literally have the Keeper (UNH) Unhappy 10 players (SPT) Supporting the player and 9 players (AGR) I think it is AGR, but whatever it is they agree with me. If the player wants to go, I shoul dbe able to give him the ultimatum. Transfer request or you are going nowhere.
  10. Us researchers have no say on in-game future transfers (other than those officially announced by the club with pre-contracts signed). We don't even set up that IRL the manager has been linked with a number of centrebacks. We rate the players we have in the squad, we set up the managers too, and some of them will give a preference for certain player attributes and formations. After that it is down to the game to decide. It will be a case of the Orient researcher getting all the players at the start of the game as accurate as possible, and the Millwall researcher getting Marquis right. Big thumbs up to them two though. A
  11. This is so frustrating. I have meant to post this for a couple of years now. I got stung (again) last night when my 22 year old left back refused to even discuss terms so I couldn't offer him a deal so when he joined Preston I didn't get a penny. We should definitely be able to offer these players a deal. I don't mind a player where it is impossible to offer a contract, but when this happens and the player is under 24 there should be a button to put in the offer officially and have it formally rejected so the players next club is forced to some compensation.
  12. I had a player throw a hissy fit when I left him out of my training camp... despite him playing in the Euro finals for the Republic of Ireland.
  13. I think we need a screenie of Mostacchi's facial hair! I'm thinking full on Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds here...
  14. It is worse in the lower leagues where the game has continued the mechanic further down. I was desperate to keep my 23 year old captain centre back and player of the year so after negotiating as far down as I could, I managed to get him to sign for 100k (agent) 50k (player) a 300% pay rise and a minimum fee release clause I didn't want to include. I just don't think it would happen to a league one player who was originally asking for close to double what he finally got.
  15. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/432985-FM2016-FMUpdates-EEE-England-Enhanced-Expanded-Coming-Soon?p=10568605&viewfull=1#post10568605 Should take you to the right place in the editors forum....
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